10 horror movies where the production was as creepy as the movie itself


Many greats in horror cinema come with spooky footnotes, on-set ghost stories, and overwhelming curses nailed to the cast and crew of the film. If ghosts can make their way through walls, then invading a movie studio would surely be a little challenge for a devious specter. Many filmmakers and stars have told their own hauntings while creating some of the greatest images in the genre.

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Those who seek scares most often may argue that this terrifying information all adds to the mystique of a horror movie, but there are some behind-the-scenes incidents that are all too real and would force any rational person to think twice when it comes to it. it’s all about working on these films. fabrications.

ten Something sinister protected a unique room during the fire of the exorcist

One of the true horror classics, The Exorcist absolutely terrified the masses when it was released in 1973. The film still holds up exceptionally well today, although much of its fear stems from the alleged curses attributed to the iconic image of William Friedkin.

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During filming, a fire ravaged the set, destroying the house completely with one surprising exception – the room in which the film’s exorcism took place was surprisingly unscathed. Ellen Burstyn also suffered a serious permanent back injury while filming. Even more tragically, two actors from the horror production died a few months after finishing their roles. The Exorcist Really deserves its reputation as a cursed flick and as one of the most iconic horror films.

9 Drawing of a demon is part of Annabelle’s alarming art

Annabelle 2014

The fingers pulled in the dust may not seem so shocking at first glance, but upon learning that there were only three fingers, the same number belonging to the demon in the movie, the dust marks become much more terrifying.

John Leonetti, Annabelledirector of, also spoke of lights falling on heads. The fears on the set have certainly left their mark. As for the rest, Annabelle comes home, the filmmakers decided to take their precautions and have the set blessed by a priest before filming. As far as is known, it apparently worked.

8 Keeping spirits locked and locked up was ineffective while filming possession

Jeffrey Dean Morgan in possession

Any incident that appears sinister enough to frighten The walking dead‘s Negan is likely to be pretty darn scary. Ownership was inspired by the stories of a real-life dybbuk box, one of them housing evil spirits, and stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Natasha Calis were both asked what they thought of the idea of ​​the original box appearing on the set. Of course, neither of them wanted anything to do with it. Morgan even said he was “adamantly against it”.

The genuine article wasn’t exactly famous for being tight when it comes to keeping evil spirits locked up, and even though the movie was shot without the real box, Morgan recalled “strange events”, including the classic ghostly farce of exploding bulbs.

7 The omen has links to very real tragedies

Gregory pecking in the omen

Frequently cited as one of the most doomed film productions in history, the 1976 film is associated with a long list of tragedies. The son of film legend Gregory Peck committed suicide even before filming began, and while incredibly upsetting, that fact alone wouldn’t be enough to factor in. The omen cursed if not for the events that would follow.

Peck and writer David Seltzer’s planes were reportedly struck by lightning on their way to the filming location, and a stuntman was violently attacked by rottweilers in a scene that went horribly wrong. A troubled production indeed, but even more tragedy came after. Effects artist John Richardson and his assistant Liz Moore were involved in a serious car crash that claimed Moore’s life shortly after production ended.

6 Conjuring goosebumps cast a shadow over the film’s production

Ed and Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring

One of the best scary versions of recent times, Conspiracy is inspired by real spectra researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren, expertly staged in the film by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga.

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James Wan’s horror hit is utterly scary, but its fears extend beyond the big screen, as during filming there were several reports of the inexplicable both on and off set. , including strange claw marks on Vera Farmiga’s computer, Wan’s precious mutt growling at invisible intruders, and, of course, a fire.

5 Emily Rose’s exorcism sent a surprising message to her star

While decidedly less harmful than most filming ghosts, Jennifer Carpenter’s experience on filming The Exorcism of Emily Rose is just as chilling.

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The actress reported that her radio regularly turned on by itself during the night, and on one occasion, a song by Pearl Jam exploded and really made her jump. The song in question was the classic track from the band “Alive”. Perhaps there is a far more sinister message lurking behind the radio waves in this ghostly memory.

4 The creators of the innkeepers found exactly what they were looking for


Ti West Innkeepers is yet another film inspired by real-life hauntings. The Terror Story tells the story of two young employees who try to prove the existence of the paranormal in the hostel where they work. A guide to catching ghosts on film would of course advise shooting in places that are supposed to be actually haunted, and that’s exactly what the filmmakers did.

Filmed at the Yankee Pedlar Inn in Connecticut, writer and director Ti West reported that the lights went out, TVs had their own minds, and woke up feeling a presence in the room with him. Leaving the camera rolling among spooky spirits clearly comes at a petrifying price.

3 A priest’s blessing didn’t stop the ghosts as they shot the nun

Demian Bichir in The Nun

Another Conjuring spin-off with creepy contact claims with the other side, The nun was filmed in Bucharest, Romania, and the creators made the wise decision to have the setting blessed by a priest before the lights, the camera, the action.

The Priest has clearly been neglecting his homework here, as during one shoot, director Colin Hardy noticed two men he assumed to be members of the crew, but at the end of filming he turned himself. turned to address the stray staff, but they were nowhere to go. being seen. The men should have passed Hardy to leave the room.

2 Poltergeist is yet another production shrouded in darkness

Another horror-rich film on set, Fighting spirit has several deaths related to its production. What’s even more upsetting is that one of them is that of child star Heather O’Rourke, the young actress died aged 12 after appearing in both the original film and its sequel.

Child actor Oliver Robbins has also claimed to have been suffocated to death by the film’s petrifying puppet, and Dominique Dunne, for whom Fighting spirit serves as her only theatrical film credit, was killed by her ex-boyfriend shortly after the film’s release.

1 Twilight Zone Movie Didn’t Need Spooks To Be Named Scariest Film Production


Twilight Zone: the movieThe horrors on set are more irrefutably gruesome than terrifying, but this is still a production that no one wanted to be a part of. After director John Landis continued with a stunt despite dangerous weather conditions, a helicopter got out of control and crashed into three of the film’s stars.

Vic Morrow and two child actors, Myca Dihn Le and Renee Chen were tragically killed. Landis was charged and then acquitted of manslaughter. The accident remains one of the worst in cinema history and led to new and improved safety rules in the cinema.

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