10 movies to watch if you love the purge

The purge was popular among viewers for its action, survival horror elements, the multiple deaths involved throughout the films, and its long-running TV series of the same name paired with two seasons.

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For fans who want to watch shows similar to The purge (but have already burned themselves out watching all the movies and TV shows) there are plenty of options to choose from. From the chaotic groundhog day loop of Happy day of the dead to the multiple murders involved in My Super Sweet Psycho 16, these films will seduce Purge fans for their various murders, masked killers and survival-oriented horror.

ten Happy Death Day is a Murder-filled Groundhog Day Loop

Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard in Happy Death Day

Happy death Dainvolved the protagonist realizing that she was living the day she died on multiple occasions. It wouldn’t end until she found out who continued to kill her and defeated the killer herself. Not only did this movie cause the viewer to see the protagonist die multiple times in different ways, but other characters were also killed during the same time loop (depending on what the protagonist did). In addition, the following, Happy Day of the Dead 2U, capitalized on this concept by having a group of friends stuck in the same time loop where they are murdered over and over.

9 The Strangers is another horror-filled break-in film

The masked killers in the movie The Strangers

Released in 2008, The foreigners is a film that revolves around a house that is broken into and the inhabitants terrified. It’s similar to the first Purge film, which revolved around an attempted home invasion (rather than spreading violence to entire cities like in later films). Additionally, intruders wear masks for most of the film while their victims are forced to defend themselves. Unfortunately for the named victims, the intruders eventually managed to kill them – get away with a murder in the process.

8 The Belko experiment involved office workers killing each other

The Belko experience, released in 2016, is a film that involved various office workers forced to kill each other within a limited period of time. If they didn’t, they would lose their own lives in the process.

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Unfortunately for office workers, only one of them survives. Worse yet, the ending reveals that the killing was an experiment designed to examine human behavior using innocent people as test subjects. Even though the last man standing killed those in charge of the experiment, it suggests that there are many more similar experiments going on around the world and the testing is not (yet) complete.

seven The escape room involved multiple puzzles and multiple deaths

Escape room released in 2019 and featured a group of aliens drawn into a deadly series of escape rooms. As the group tries to survive, they die one by one as they go through each room, trying to figure out who trapped them together and why they were chosen in the first place. Despite the poor reception this film received from critics, a sequel titled Escape Game: Tournament of Champions was released in 2021. The sequel followed the survivors of the first film as they entered a new series of deadly escape rooms.

6 You’re Next is another home invasion series of murders

You are the next main character holding an ax

You are next is a slasher film released in 2011. The film follows a family targeted by killers as they gather in a house similar to the home invasion of the first Purge movie. However, there are a few twists and turns that take this movie away from the typical ‘home invasion’ trope. Not only are family members turning out to be the masterminds behind the murders, but there are also family members who successfully strike back, which makes this film a fun twist on that type of story.

5 Hell Fest is a theme park full of multiple murders

The four main characters featured in Hell Fest

Hell feast follows a group of close friends who travel to a horror-themed amusement park, only to find themselves the target of a masked killer called the Other. Unfortunately for the friends, none of the park’s security guards initially believed their warnings. This is because there are so many actors posing as killers and monsters out there.

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As a result, the friends have to defend themselves and survive the night, although very few of them leave the park alive. While this film did not meet with critical acclaim, some fans praised the concept.

4 Blood Fest is another theme park filled with murder

The two main characters of Blood Fest

Blood festival is a bit similar to Hell feast since the deaths take place in an amusement park or a horror-themed festival. However, Blood festival is more comical in its tone and pokes fun at typical horror movie tropes such as vampires, evil clowns, zombies, etc. However, despite the comedy involved, several bloody deaths are featured throughout the film. Some of these deaths are more comical than others. However, some are just as terrifying. Therefore, the comical but deadly atmosphere would entertain Purge fans who want to watch something with more humor.

3 Saw is iconic for his multiple horrific deaths


All Saw The franchise is well known for its multiple and gruesome deaths and the pitfalls involved in each disappearance. He is also known for the initial mastermind behind the Death Games, Jigsaw, and his multiple scheming apprentices whose intentions were less noble than Jigsaw’s.

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Even though the original mastermind died at the end of the third film, the franchise continued with many other films. The last film released in the series is Spiral, which served as both a soft reboot and a sequel while also introducing a new killer Jigsaw.

2 My Super Psycho Sweet 16 is a murderous birthday party

The killer featured in My Super Psycho Sweet 16

My Super Sweet Psycho 16 follows two girls: Skye and Madison. Madison throws her sixteenth birthday party in an ice rink, only for a murderer to start killing all the patrons at the party. Unfortunately for Skye and Madison, that same killer is none other than Sky’s dad, Charlie Rotter, who once killed people in the same rink where the party takes place. Despite mixed reviews from critics, the film had two sequels with My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2 and My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3.

1 Friday the 13th presents a masked killer

Given the number of killers wearing masks in The purge franchise, the Jason wearing a hockey mask from Friday 13 Would fit in perfectly as one of the masked murderers if he was involved in the murder. Similar to Saw, there are a lot of movies in this specific franchise full of death and murder. the Purge viewers would have fun watching all Friday 13 movies if they wanted to see more of Jason, his masked killings, and the main characters barely surviving at the end of each movie.

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