10 Slasher horror movie openings that surprised us all



The horror genre is one that always keeps its audience on their toes.

By its very nature, horror is there to make you jump, scream, and make you feel downright uncomfortable in your own skin. Or in the case of Halloween: Resurrection, you get your brow smacked in disbelief as you see Busta Rhymes screaming Michael Myers’ ass with kung fu. Hey, it’s still burning, okay ?!

Speaking of the Halloween franchise – segue, oh! – the focus here is on the slasher corner of horror. And no, there is absolutely no Halloween: Resurrection to find on this list.

What we do find, however, is an exploration of some of those slasher images that totally caught us off guard by how they chose to open up. That the movie itself is good is redundant, because here it’s only about those shocking, shocking opening scenes that took everyone by surprise.

This surprise could be due to a curved ball thrown at the audience, it could be due to the brutality of an opening act, or how that first streak is downright random. Either way, those ten slasher efforts certainly managed to raise an eyebrow or two on a first watch.

The Mutilator by Buddy Cooper and John S. Douglass opens in such a joyful way.

Here we have an unnamed wife (Pamela Weddle Cooper) who happily bakes a birthday cake for her husband Big Ed (Jack Chatham). The couple’s young son Ed is there, happily going about his business and waiting for his old man to arrive so the birthday parties can begin.

Just as you feel right at home with that setting, this 1985 effort flips a switch – well, pulls a trigger, technically – and turns that idyllic scene into a tragedy.

After cleaning up his father’s guns, Ed accidentally unloads one, sending a bullet through the wall and into his dear, dear mother, killing her in the process just as Big Ed shows up home.

It’s a dark moment in itself, but things take a darker turn when Big Ed slaps his son in the face, discusses shooting him, and then has a blackout which sees Big Ed pouring a bourbon for himself and the corpse of his wife.

Given that austere opening scene, it’s no surprise to see that it is later revealed that the great Ed ends up hunting down the now adult Ed and his friends.


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