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Want to take advantage of Friday the 13th while being afraid? Then follow our amazing tips on which horror movies to watch on streams like Netflix and Hbo Max.

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# 1. “Rua do Medo” Trilogy (Netflix)

Available for a month on Netflix, the three films are adaptations of books by RL Stine (the author of “Goosebumps”), which play with clichés of the genre. Full of references, fans will notice scenes that refer to films such as “Scream” (Scream), “Friday the 13th”, “The Shining” among others. The narrative thread unites three temporal passages that connect the curse of the witch Sarah Fier, each telling a bit of the story that traces an evil that spans generations. The first film “Rua do Medo 1994” (Fear Street 1994) begins with a death in the mall reminiscent of “Marugada dos Mortos” and “Scream”. The fictional Shadyside is teeming with goods and serial youth deaths, but to break the curse it’s necessary to pick up on the events that led up to Fear Street 1978, which makes Nightwing Camp a character-centric replica of Crystal Lake. . of Ziggy, role of Sadie Sink, one of the young stars of “Stranger Things”. After a violent denouement, the details are gathered in “Rua do Medo 1666”, which does not hide its atmosphere “The Witch” as the past and the present converge. Interestingly, all three films are loaded with clichés, but the lack of originality doesn’t stop the fun.

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# 2 Evil Summon 3: Order of the Devil. (HBO MAX)

After two successful films, released in 2013 and 2016, the couple Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) return for this third confrontation with the forces of evil, also based on documented cases. Released in June, the film directed by Michael Chaves (The same as “The Curse of Tears”) manages to be very alive and maintains the level very close to the films directed by James Wan. If considered part of the same universe where the stories of the films “Annabelle”, “The Nun” and “The Curse of Tears” take place, this would be the eighth film in the franchise, which tries not to limit itself to the haunted. house story tag, taking the action to other settings like a dense forest or a dark prison where a demon is advancing his domain, a case that actually reached the courts in 1981.

# 3 Hereditary (Amazon Prime Video)

Toni Collette in ‘Héréditaire’ (2018)

When it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2018; The film, written and directed by Ari Ester, shows the mysterious Graham family, reunited after the death of the matriarch, when their presence appears to be a ghost haunting everyone, especially little Charlie. The story is creative in transforming the atmosphere of mourning into psychological terror, reminiscent of the classic “Rosemary’s Baby” (1968). The cast includes Toni Collette, Gabriel Byrne and Alex Wolff, from “Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle” (2017) and “Jumanji: The Next Level”. An extremely claustrophobic climate and a surprising finish make it a good choice for fear of death.

# 4 Escape (Netflix)

Originally produced by Hulu, this highly effective thriller follows a devoted wife and mother (Sarah Paulson) who enslaves her daughter Chloe, who depends on her mother for a wheelchair. The screenplay of Aneesh Chaganty, who also directs the film, gradually manages to transform a caring mother into a psychopath, like Kathy Bates in “Crazy Obsession” (Misery) and the revelation of Kieran Allen, 22, Paralyzed in In Real Life 2014, she became the second wheelchair actress to star in such a movie since the 1940s, when actress Susan Peters filmed “The Sign of Aries”. “Escape” still has an inevitable comparison with “The Act”, a Hulu series, with a similar theme.

# 5 It – The Thing and That – Chapter 2 (HBOMAX)

One of Stephen King’s best books took a long time to live up to an on-screen production, despite a good TV adaptation in the 1990s. King’s Spooky Book in an immersive film without missing a beat and enjoying of all the twists and turns of a story told in two periods. The happy result well explored the Losers Club with two casts, one child and the other in their adult versions. Bill Skarsgard has invaded everyone’s nightmare with his performance as Pennywise, opposite Jaden Martell, Finn Wolfhard, Sophia Lillis and others. The young actors were so well accepted by audiences that they returned to film flashback scenes for Chapter 2. The success of “Stranger Things” owes much to the group dynamics of the Losers Club, which adulthood captured Bill’s faces. Hader, Jessica Chastain and James MacAvoy. If you’re one of the few who hasn’t seen this recent masterpiece of the genre, it’s worth being scared.

# 6 Army of the Dead: Invasion of Las Vegas (Netflix)

Zach Snyder delivered the haunting remake of “Dawn of the Dead” from “Dawn of the Dead” by George Romero. When Snyder moved away from the DC Universe, his first project was to revisit the zombie horror, recurring in so many movies and games, that it becomes a challenge for Snyder to do something that, while not being “Nothing new to anyone, always bet on the zombies’ interest in the living dead, in the plot of an ex-soldier who invades a zombie-infested town to get his hands on an abandoned fortune. Set in a post-apocalyptic setting, the film puts Dave Bautista at the forefront of an action story that would best suit a comic book.

# 7 Obsession (HBO MAX)

Films about psychopaths tap into the source of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” (1960), and “Obsession” is no different, and it doesn’t need it. Chloe Grace Moretz is a young waitress who falls prey to widow Greta Hideg (the excellent Isabelle Huppert). Neil Jordan’s film (Interview with the Vampire) manages to be effective, but not the best at exploring evil which takes on a form of seeming normalcy. Featured at the Toronto International Film Festival, “Obsession” can make your nails bite with anxiety with every action of a woman who, as her Hungarian last name suggests, is the very cold embodiment.

# 8 A classic horror movie (Netflix)

Italian horror which invests in a common plot filled with references to other films of the genre such as “Evil Dead – La mort du diable”, “Scream” and “The Straw Man”, among others which make the film a quilt with Easter eggs . The story of a group of people who travel through southern Italy until they suffer a road accident that leaves them lost in a forest. The title proper of the film, not at all creative, assumes its climate more parody than real terror.

# 9 An American Werewolf in London (Amazon Prime Video)

This classic 1981 film, directed by John Landis, had a strong influence on pop culture. Not just for the realistic transformation, the result of the impeccable work of makeup artist Rick Baker. The impressive result led Baker and Landis to work alongside Michael Jackson in the making of the “Thriller” video. 40 years later, the mixture of horror and irony in its script makes this film an admirable example of the werewolf film, cradled by the classic song “Blue Moon”.

# 10 Doctor Sleep (HBO MAX)

The long-awaited sequel to Stephen King’s “The Shining” manages to be curious as it shows 40-year-old Danny Torrence (Ewan McGregor) making peace with his past and his power, embarking on a path of confrontation with the vampire cult. The “real knots”, which have lived on for centuries, nurtured the power of the enlightened people. Rebecca Ferguson steals the stage as the evil cult leader Rose. Directed by Mike Flannagan of “The Curse of Hill Residence,” the film starred Danny Lloyd, who played Daniel Torrance in the 1980 film, in an appearance as a spectator at a baseball game.

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