10 things fans want to see in the Lost Boys remake


Last September, Warner Bros. announced plans to remake the iconic 1987 vampire film The lost boys with Noah Jupe and Jaeden Martell who will star in unspecified roles (by variety). While the news is sure to divide avid fans of the original cult classic, director Jonathan Entwistle would be wise to recycle the more successful aspects of the original.

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While plot details have yet to be released, one sure-fire way to alienate fans from the original is to take the film in a whole new direction. Entwistle may struggle to balance audience expectations while providing a new angle on the material, but as long as it includes certain tropes and principles from the original, the more likely it is to succeed.

ten Memorable setting

One of the most appealing aspects of The lost boys is its setting for the fictional town of Santa Carla, California, considered the mass murder capital of the world. Shot on the Santa Cruz Beach promenade, the seaside theme park becomes a prime feeding spot for David (Kiefer Sutherland) and his vampire gang.

Whether or not the remake returns to Santa Cruz, a similar setting is something fans most certainly expect to see. David’s cavernous dungeon under the promenade is as much of a character as any other in the film, and nothing less would seriously disappoint the faithful.

9 Excellent casting

Sam and the Frogs confront Michael in The Lost Boys

The lost boys holds up today in large part due to its stellar cast of young teenage idols and seasoned Oscar-caliber talent. The remake not only has to match the alchemical kinship between Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, but it requires the seriousness of an actor like two-time Oscar winner Dianne Wiest to ground the material and make it believable.

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Considering how Jupe and Martell have already been cast, fans can expect a slew of young acting talent to star in the film. Hoping that a more diverse and experienced cast of supporting actors will join the project.

8 Balance of horror and humor

Lucy and Max stand in the video store in The Lost Boys

As a film that satirically spits what it is, The lost boys met with major success due to its skillful balance between neck-breaking horror and heartbreaking humor to create one of the first successful horror comedy mashups. This dynamic must be a priority in the remake.

So often in remade horror comedies, humor is supplanted in favor of a much more austere tone (Night of dread is a good example). This is not what fans of The lost boys want to see. On the contrary, the charm of the original is the playful tone and silly sense of humor that really resonates with horror.

7 Killer quotes

Death by Death Stereo in The Lost Boys

Another enduring quality of The lost boys is his collection of memorable quotes, jokes, zingers and hilarious one-liners. From Sam’s “Death by Stereo” and Alan’s “Holy Sh * t, It’s Eddie Munster Attack!” to Edgar’s “Great, the bloodsucking Brady Bunch” and Sam’s “So what, are you the Flying Nun,” and more, fans need lines of dialogue to compete if not eclipse those of the original.

If humor is non-existent in the remake, and the planned comic book lines don’t resonate as well as the original, fans will instantly dismiss the remake as an unnecessary and ersatz cash grab that didn’t understand why the first film struck such a pop-cultural chord.

6 Awesome soundtrack

Star and David hang out in the vampire cave in The Lost Boys

If fans don’t get the handsome, oily saxophonist who hums all night long at the Boardwalk back, then at the very least, a badass rock-n-roll soundtrack must be included in the game. The lost boys remake. The original contained tracks from hit ’80s bands INXS, Echo and the Bunnymen, Aerosmith and more, creating a cool early MTV vibe to go with the sexy vampire lifestyle.

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There are a lot of options available that would make a great soundtrack, but it will have to hit just the right notes to satisfy. Lost boys Fans.

5 Nanook

Nanook protects Sam in the bathroom in The Lost Boys

One of the best characters in The lost boys is Nanook, Sam’s protective Alaskan Malamute who uses his animal instinct to protect the boy from harm. He first attacks Michael (Jason Patric) before he can attack Sam (Corey Haim), then kills a vampire by throwing him into a tub of holy garlic water. As such, it would be a real shame if the proud pooch was left out of the remake.

Nanook also senses that something is wrong with Max (Edward Herrmann), the chief vampire who charms his way into the Emerson House. As well as strengthening the bond between man and animal, which somewhat resembles Michael’s vampiric transformation, Nanook is essential to the plot in a way that would require a completely different script if omitted.

4 The frog brothers

Edgar and Alan Frog stand together in the comic book store in The Lost Boys

Fans can only hope that Jupe and Martell have been cast as the iconic Frog Brothers, the awesome but overly serious horror movie vampire hunters who help Sam kill David and his biker gang in the original film. If the two young actors were chosen to play Sam and Michael Emerson (as is suspected), then the frogs should be added ASAP.

Responsible for some of the movie’s biggest laughs and most memorable moments, the Frogs’ absence would instantly alienate and upset fans without end. There’s a reason they’ve become the stars of low-ranking direct-to-disc horror sequels.

3 Fearsome enemies

David and his gang are covered in blood after feasting on The Lost Boys

True to the old adage that a movie is only as good as its villain, steps must be taken to ensure that a properly formidable foe is written, performed, and performed to the standards of Sutherland and Herrmann in the original. Without a scary rival for the main characters to fight, no drama will resonate after the credits roll.

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Whether it’s David’s sinister gothic-rock demeanor or Max’s charming personality, the villains of The lost boys are terribly convincing. Plus, the underlying mystery of the chief vampire’s identity adds a nice dose of suspense to the story. If the remake fails in this regard, fans won’t forgive the outcome.

2 Cameos from the original cast

Michael carries Star up the stairs in The Lost Boys

A sure-fire way to flatter original fans and induce a warm smile is to include cameo appearances from the original. Lost boys cast members. While some have since passed away (Herrmann, Barnard Hughes), others like Patric, Feldman, Wiest, Sutherland and others could make a quick appearance in the remake in order to complete the story loop.

What would be even cooler is if Entwistle brought back young Laddie (Chance Michael Corbitt), Star’s companion half-vampire (Jamie Gertz) to include him in a current storyline. Even if Corbitt himself isn’t chosen, making Laddie the new chief vampire would almost certainly appease fans of the original.

1 The Camp & Kitsch

Lost boys

Above all, all of the qualities mentioned equate to an extremely pleasant combination of 80s campiness and kitschism. It’s this very formula that Entwistle and his team should aspire to, striking the right balance between irreverent tastelessness and over-the-top style that makes The lost boys such a fun time at the movies.

While easier said than done, Entwistle will likely have to showcase his previous work on Netflix at The end of the world F ***** and I don’t agree with that to further promote the feeling of rediscovering the magic of the original film.

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