10 Times Horror Games Were Scary In A Way Movies Can’t Be


Horror games are an eternally popular genre, delighting fans since 1981 Nostromo, and is only progressing from year to year. Recent versions like Resident Evil: Village and 2017 Prey were hailed for their visceral terror, considered by critics to equal the scares of any well-made horror film.

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However, horror games are not just horror movies. Being a very different medium, which emphasizes interactivity and immersion, leads to totally different styles of horror, and gives writers totally different tools for provoking fear. As a result, while horror movies have their own strengths, horror games can also induce fear in ways that movies cannot.

ten Alien: isolation can force you to stay silent under stress

Alien Isolation Xenomorph Stalks Ripley

It’s a well-worn horror movie trope, with the villain just inches from a hidden survivor, who must either remain silent or face an unpleasant and painful death. A scene in almost all media that is sure to provoke tension, Alien: isolation has the tools to increase this tension for the player.

The option is given to play with an Xbox Kinect, which will then use its microphone to pick up real-world sound and use it to guide the monstrous Xenomorph to your location. With this piece of technology, Alien: isolation can give a player a real experience struggling to stay silent in a way that a movie can’t.

9 Dead Spaces lets you question every corpse

Video Games Dead Space 2 Necromorph 2 Flayed Sacrifice

Dead space acclaimed for its staging and atmosphere. Engineer Isaac Clarke walks through a deserted spaceship where nearly everyone on board has been butchered and turned into horrific necromorphs, which Isaac must fend off.

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Necromorphs can come from almost anywhere, including corpses around the ship. The player must be vigilant on all the bodies that he crosses – which are numerous – not only to avoid a fright, but to avoid losing his progress. This forced vigilance creates an almost constant tension that the films struggle to reproduce.

8 Outlast makes you go where you don’t want to

“Don’t go in there” is a common – often sarcastic – refrain of horror movie viewers. In many films, characters have to make obviously questionable choices to increase the tension and drive the plot. In particularly egregious cases, it can break the audience’s immersion and even sound funny rather than scary.

In a game like Survive to, the player finds himself in this position. Despite all their instincts screaming at them not to go any further in the dilapidated institution overrun with seemingly murderous patients, the only way the player can progress is to keep moving forward, causing fear to increase with every second.

7 Bioshock forcibly removes your agency

Bioshock would you be so kind

While it has a lot more in common with the third-person shooter genre, the dress-up and storyline of Bio-shock are straight out of the horror genre. In one of the game’s most shocking moments, an NPC demonstrates the helplessness of the player character by using a code phrase to force him to move, stop, and finally kill him.

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In other media, where the audience has no direct action in the narrative, this would be less effective. In a video game where you previously had control over your character’s actions, suddenly having this snatched away is shocking and unsettling, and remains one of the game’s most iconic moments.

6 Until the dawn makes you make the decisions in a split second

Until dawn

An unexpected hit from Supermassive Games, Until dawn tells the story of eight teenagers who try to survive a night in a mountain hut while being hunted down by a masked murderer and a monstrous wendigo.

Much of the gameplay involves making decisions under time pressure, which have effects later in the game with its “butterfly effect” system. As a result, the player is forced to make almost blind choices under pressure, knowing that those choices could have devastating impacts later on. It creates a unique experience that movies can’t recreate, watching other people make choices.

5 PT’s unknown final puzzle is truly psychologically terrifying

The PT corridor has turned red

TP is one of the most acclaimed horror games of all time, despite being a free teaser for players that are ultimately canceled. Silent hills. TPThe only gameplay is that the player moves through an infinitely looping L-shaped hallway and interacts with occasional puzzles while being bombarded with disturbing audio and visuals.

After many loops and many puzzles, the player begins to loop endlessly, only his flashlight illuminating the hallway. The environment stops changing, and only by fulfilling some bizarre requirements does the player finally progress and see the ending cutscene. TP has players walking the loop over and over again, hoping something will change, all the while experiencing the terrifying images of the game in a truly heartbreaking experience that cannot be replicated outside of the genre.

4 Dead By Daylight forces you to face the intellect of a human

Video Games Dead By Daylight Screaming Sanity Effect

Death by the light of day has four humans who attempt to escape a range of environments by activating generators to open exits – all while being pursued by a fifth player, who can choose from a range of horrific serial killers and villains from the movies. ‘horror.

Or Death by the light of day shines is in this human opposition. While villains in horror movies and even other games may see their intelligence exploited, this does not exist in Death by the light of day. Instead, the outmatched human just has to get past the bad guy or face some failure.

3 The last of us puts a child’s life in your hands

Joel saves Ellie from surgery in The Last of Us

It is a hardwired instinct in humans to care for children. As a result, a lot of horror uses them. Aliens, for example, is iconic for Ripley’s efforts to protect Newt, while still gaining tension in the face of the danger in which the child finds himself.

The last of us take advantage of this situation and put the player in it. Although Ellie is tough and able to defend herself, she is still a young child and the player cannot help but love. As a result, in every situation there is the added fear that the player will stumble and a fictional child will be injured, adding a layer of responsibility and tension while building a final that hits harder when the player is in control.

2 Silent Hill 2 immerses you in its taboo subject

James meets the pyramid head

Taboos are an old horror staple. While a writer cannot horrify or terrify an audience, disgusting them can often be just as effective, and immortal, brutal sex taboos are a popular way to do it.

A major theme of Silent Hill 2 is the sexual taboo present in the mind of protagonist James Sunderland, represented by the sexually aggressive Pyramid Head, and the sexualized and dehumanized nurses. Many horror movies have included similar topics, but the nature of video games takes the player deeper and deeper.

1 New Resident Evil Games Have You Running For Your Life

Take pointers from Resident Evil 2 and 3, a major component of the new era of resident Evil is the presence of unstoppable boss monsters that chase the player as they try to achieve their goals. From Jack Baker, to Lady Dimitrescu, to Mr. X, to Nemesis.

Just knowing that these creatures roam the place where the player tries to solve puzzles means that every moment is a source of tension as the audience fights the urge to look over their shoulders – underscored by new angles. camera facing forward. Additionally, when the player is spotted, the tension does not immediately break, as a tense pursuit occurs while being unable to see the enemy behind. Ultimately, the constant threat to audiences in particular is something a movie cannot replicate.

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