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James Tynion IV is known for writing compelling comic book stories in classic DC titles like Batman and Dark Justice League. But he reveals a new talent for horror, suspense and mystery in Something is killing the children. It is a story of small towns and large numbers of children being killed by monsters that adults cannot see.

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The shocking premise sets the tone for the exceptional series released by Boom Studios. Readers who start the series may initially think they know what kind of story it was before the end of the first issue. Instead, they will discover that there is always more to the story and new developments to surprise and delight at every unexpected turn.

This article will contain spoilers.

ten Erica’s last name is Slaughter, or is it?

Erica arrives in town after a phone call from St. George. Erica meets the Sheriff of Archer’s Peak in Issue 3. The sheriff is alerted to Erica’s suspicious presence by Tommy Mahoney. His sister Sophia is one of the missing children and Erica gave him $ 50 for a private booth in the Applebeans restaurant he runs.

Tommy warns the sheriff who arrests Erica and at the police station, he examines his license. On her, her name reads Erica Slaughter, and when he asks if that’s her real name, she says yes. But the sheriff points out that the license is made of paper and not even laminated. He suggests that she could have done it at a Kinko’s.

9 James finds his friends in the ravine

kill the children James finds his friends in the woods

Erica reunites with James when he arrives in the town of Archer’s Peak. She’s not here to hurt him but she read the police report. She knows what he saw and she needs him to tell her. James is scared, even after Erica reassures him that it’s okay for him to doubt what he’s seen or be afraid to tell her.

James struggles and then begins to tell the part of the story when he searches for his friends. He finds their bodies in various states of trauma. And then he sees the monster. He’s never been so scared of something or horrified by what a creature can do.

8 Erica was once like James

In the first issue, Erica got a call from St. George. This is a secret order that Erica updates and contacts for information. Erica was trained by the House of Slaughter. The history of the house is still shrouded in mystery.

Eric joined the house when she was the only survivor of a monster attack. The House of Slaughter brought her into its fold and trained her to kill the monsters that robbed her family. This shocking development surprised readers and sets the stage for Tynion’s next spin-off Slaughterhouse.

7 Erica’s doll contains a monster

Erica is carrying a backpack and inside is an octopus stuffed animal. When James asked Erica why she had the octopus, she told him not to ask about the octopus. At the end of the first issue, Erica makes her doll sit on the bed in her motel room and says she needs some information.

When she opens the door to the sheriff, a floating creature hovers above the octopus. He has a small body like a child and tentacles extending from his hips. It sparkles with yellow gold, but only Erica and the reader can see it. The sheriff only sees Erica.

6 It started as a truth and turned into a challenge

kill Truth or Dare children

Issue 1 opens with an excellent question for the reader: truth or dare? James is with his friends and Noah and two others are playing the classic game. They laugh at James when he chooses the truth. Then James tells a scary story about being home alone and turning off the lights when it was dark.

Then he sees a terrifying monster in the ravine behind his house. The same ravine behind all the houses where the boys live. When Noah calls James a liar, he responds by asking Truth or Dare. On the next page, James is in an interrogation room, talking to a detective and swearing he made it up. It cannot be true because none of it is real.

5 Only children can see monsters naturally, but adults need to be changed first

kill the kids don't believe in monsters

When James discovered the corpses of his friends, he saw the monster that killed them. Later, James asks Erica why he got to see the monster, she explains that it’s because he still has enough childish spirit to still believe in scary monsters.

James maintains that Erica is wrong. He points out that she is older and can still see the monsters. She explains that there are ways to change the way someone sees. When Tommy puts himself in danger because he cannot see the monster, Erica changes his perception and Tommy sees what Erica and James have already seen.

4 The similarities between young James and writer James Tynion

Jacques IV or Jacques from SIKTC

James Tynion IV has dark chestnut hair and wears glasses. James is the name of the young boy who tells the creepy tale of the monster at the start of issue 1. This James also has shaggy brown hair and wears glasses.

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A popular writing exercise is to take a moment from the past and change an important decision or action. The result is often a powerful experience that fans of What if? And DC Comics’ Elseworlds will recognize and appreciate. Now the only question is whether the two Jameses are one and the same.

3 James had a crush on one of the boys who died

Something karl is killing the kids

It’s hard to imagine the pain and the struggle that James is going through. Tynion does a terrific job of voicing James’ thoughts and struggles. Artist Werther Dell’Edera captures James’ emotions in the woods, in the interrogation room, and as he sits at the Applebeans table with Erica.

James admits that he wishes the death of his friend Karl was a dream. When Erica mentioned that James might like her more than his friends, James replies that Karl didn’t think so. James is blamed for the deaths of his friends in the absence of any further explanation. Not only has he lost his friends, he’s also lost a crush that could have been a longtime friend, and now he’s an outcast in the place he calls home.

2 Innocent man takes the fall for his town and his family

Tommy Mahoney is featured in issue two. His sister Sophie is one of the children still missing. He is the director of Applebeans. Her mother is a grieving person who continues to break even more each day her daughter is reported missing.

Tommy meets Erica when she uses one of Applebeans’ booths and pays her $ 50 for her privacy. He suspects her of being a slayer at first, but ultimately helps her in his mission to stop the monsters. But when the Archer’s Peak is too damaged and has seen the monsters. Erica’s secret society plans to kill them all to keep the truth a secret.

Tommy realizes that the only way to save the city is to give them someone to go after. Tommy’s confession will prevent others from asking about the monsters and the locals will be safe.

1 Erica comes out of the woods covered in blood in the first issue

Something is killing the kids Erica Bloody Woods

First, there is the girl sitting in the red wagon with no legs and only one arm and a patch on her left eye. She hears the sound of cracking footsteps and looks towards the woods. In a panel, there is nothing.

In the next panel, Erica is standing, dressed in black pants and a white tank top smeared with blood, her arms and hands are covered in blood and she has rolled two machetes dripping red. Her face is covered with a black mask that covers her nose and mouth. The next six panels show Erica walking towards the girl in the cart dropping her weapons and drinking a bottle of water. It is only in the first panel on the next page that she speaks.

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