10 Webtoons To Read If You’re A Castlevania Fan

Warren Ellis’ Castlevania has breathed new life into the video game series since 2017. A spectacle brimming with heartbreaking emotion for vampires and humans alike, this story centers on the mourning of all characters, both great and small – that sense of crushing loss occurs against the gruesome backdrop of nocturnal creatures and hellish gore. Now that the series has been confirmed to be over with just four seasons, fans are thirsty for graphic horror and new twists on old stories.

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Webtoon is an online platform that offers thousands of scrolling comics. Fans of emotional storylines and painfully raw character development should rejoice at the news – there are more stories worth binge-reading in this post.Castlevania to cancel.

ten Bastard: Jin Wins Alucard’s ‘Hating Your Father’ Award

One of the many sources of conflict in Castlevania is the “sins of the father” trope, seen between Alucard and Dracula. Bastard, by Carnby Kim, takes this adage to the next level. With all of his works, content warnings are offered due to the dark nature and sensitive subject matter of the stories.

As the son of a serial killer, Jin tries to fight his nature against his upbringing, either struggling with his morality or remaining submissive to his father. This comic goes beyond what it means to break with family tradition in order to save what little humanity might remain in those genes.

9 The Predator: Nocturnal creatures are bad, but no worse than Lord Molar

A dark room where Sangjin stands in front of a closed door with a large text of

True to gothic horror, creators Chi Chi and Shin Heebin bring Ethe predatorWho depicts religious judgment by monstrous means. Sangjin has to protect the monster due to his friend’s unexpected transformation. Jiwon is a member of the religious cult that awaits the return of their god, Lord Molar.

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Chaos ensues as Jiwon believes Sangjin’s friend to be Lord Molar, passing divine judgment on the scourge of mankind – mostly by eating them. Plagued with bloody and explicit violence, a monster that stirs weak stomachs, this comic is for readers who want a more visually disturbing experience.

8 Elena: Lisa made Dracula more of a man, Elena made Carl more of a monster

Elena suspended by ropes to help her dance with Carl from Jorge Jaramillo's webtoon, Elena

While being a shorter comic, capped at 26 episodes, the length doesn’t get in the way of the emotional journey that is Jorge Jaramillo. Helen. This story serves to understand loneliness, the need for companionship in the context of serial murders and to find a purpose in life.

It forces the reader to sympathize despite the graphic horror, to sympathize while reprimanding the acts surrounding the love story within. While Castlevania‘s Dracula fortifies his love for his dead wife by destroying cities, Helen‘s Carl demonstrates his on a whole new scale.

seven Not Even Bones: Who Are the Real Villains, Humans or Unnaturals?

Nita from Rebecca Schaeffer's webtoon adaptation of the novel Not Even Bones where Nita has an evil smile

Novelist Rebecca Schaeffer presents supernatural beings living among humans in the most mundane aspects of life. They pay taxes, go to work and have their own black market. Nita is forced by her mother to participate in the subterranean dealings of the unnatural world, including near-misses with vampires, kelpies, and zannis.

As Nita sinks deeper into the shadows, does she begin to lose parts of herself in her efforts to survive – or does she just stop masking her true nature? Not even the bones explores the violent secrets of humanity where customers pay top dollar.

6 Viral Hit: As Trevor and Sypha fight with magic and weapons, Hobin fights with the help of a man in a chicken mask

Hobin sitting against a bathroom wall in a puddle while fighting Taehun in Taejun Pak's webtoon Viral Hit

The story of the underdog – a selfish underdog at best – who wants to defeat a bully, then two others, for the sole purpose of making money. The driving force behind Hobin’s initial motivation in Taejun Pakviral hit is basic: being a world famous loser is great for making money from online views.

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Training from obscure videos featuring a fighter wearing a chicken mask, Hobin uses his newfound skills to right wrongs and outrun big threats. Never mind-blowing in action, with expertly detailed combat sequences and surprising twists, the reader is put to the test with viral hit with Hobin as the winner.

5 PIGPEN: Dracula’s wickedness is clear: for this family? Not really

An unconscious man standing in the rain with a hooded figure behind him holding a shovel to hit his head from the webtoon PIGPEN by Carnby Kim

Psychologically disturbing, this conspiratorial thriller echoes Castlevaniaits grotesque nature. Carnby Kim reappears as his barrel contains nuanced grit and gore. The protagonist washes up on the shore of an island with no memory of who he is or where he is from.

Living on this island is a family that offers to help in times of need, but they have colossal secrets that hamper the protagonist at every step. In a relentless fight for survival, PIGHOUSE tests the reader’s judgment of which threats are real and which are imaginary.

4 Sweet Home: Trevor, Sypha and Alucard had some luck with nocturnal creatures – these monsters are something else entirely

Recently adapted as a Netflix drama, sweet home is one of Carnby Kim’s most popular works. Weeks after losing his family in a car accident, Hyuk goes to bed with his expected date of death on the day of his favorite show’s finale. When he wakes up, he encounters a world of monsters outside the locked door of his apartment.

The series is painted in dark tones, and such is Kim’s thrilling style, and the monsters are grotesque and specific to the desire of the human they each were. With character development in surprising locations and a compelling art style, readers can easily fall in love with this comic, reflecting a Castlevania– level of appreciation.

3 GremoryLand: Unable to Cry, Unable to Breathe

A golden statue of GremoryLand's mascot, Gremory, stands, reaching out to the sky in celebration of A.Rasen's webtoon, GremoryLand

When someone is murdered in the first 10 episodes, this comic surely has a lot to say. Set in an uncomfortably over-the-top theme park, GremoryLand, by A.Rasen, is a contemplation of facing trauma head-on and reckoning with a life of decisions.

The pacing keeps the reader’s heartbeat going, and the art suggests that GremoryLand rests directly in the strange valley. A little like CastlevaniaThe protagonist trio of , the six young adults of this terrifying landscape, must overcome their inner demons while battling outside killers.

2 Delusion: a historical piece where wedding rings mean everything

A painting of a vampire with blood on his lips and chin while smiling to show fangs from Hongjacga's webtoon, Delusion

Set in 1930s South Korea, decades after the end of the Joseon dynasty, Iho Yun is a struggling artist who is tasked with making a portrait for the invisible lady of a haunted mansion. How can he paint someone he’s not allowed to see?

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At Hongjacga Illusion, Iho struggles with overwhelming evidence that vampires are real and closer than he thinks. What’s missing from this story? CastlevaniaOn the action level, it makes up for it with beautiful blood-splattered art, the conflict dripping with emotion, and an ending that makes the reader nostalgic for a time lost.

1 Unholy Blood: Blood, fangs, and a compelling plot to match Castlevania

Hayan wearing a crown of thorns and baring fangs from Lina Im's webtoon Unholy Blood

A little like CastlevaniaLina Im’s Vampires unholy blood are known to the general public and widely feared. They are a present danger lurking in the streets at night and no one is safe from their bite. Except for Hayan, the only pureblood vampire still alive, who doesn’t share the same bloodlust as his half-breed counterparts.

With help from unlikely places, Hayan is forced out of her normal life to battle the vampire known as God, who has cast vampires into the public eye for suspicious reasons. This comic has gorgeous art, lots of gore, and frequent fights that leave the reader satisfied.

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