22 surprise birthday horror stories



“My ex-girlfriend and mom conspired to throw me a surprise 18th birthday party in a conference room at a local hotel. It felt like I was going to pick up my girlfriend and we were going to go on a birthday date. I was already a little frustrated because I had made dinner reservations, and by the time she got in the car we were already late. She tells me this weird to have to bring her school notes to her friend who was staying at this hotel because her house burned down. I didn’t remember hearing about someone’s house that had burned down, and I just wanted to make our reservation for it. dinner on time; frustrations increase. We pull up outside the hotel and I became more frustrated that her friend couldn’t just meet her outside. When she told me I had to go in with her , I said: “What the fuck is this?” “

“Anyway, we walk into the front doors of the hotel, and the lady at the front desk asks, ‘Are you here for the party?’ I was really confused, but whatever I just said, ‘No.’ Lauren sort of silenced him. Well, within 30 seconds of walking down the hall I hear the distinct voice of my friend, Brent, from an open door a few feet away. stage, I realize what’s going on and I grab Lauren and give her a hue kiss, apologize for being such a dick, and I ran into the room. nonetheless, I felt loved more through this party than at any other time in my life.

What really got the party going was that at one point I got my friend John back, lost my balance and we both went through a wall. In short, the surprise was wasted; I felt like a cock; it was a typical high school party, but damn it was fun. “

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