5 Best Horror Movie Supporting Characters

While horror fans always hope that a movie’s main characters will be compelling because they have to carry the whole story, there are often plenty of secondary characters who are crucial as well. Maybe they’re the Last Girl’s best friend, a lover who knows exactly what’s going on, or someone who’s one of the first people to die but still remembered by fans.

Of an important person in the brilliant career of Jordan Peele get out (2017) at the Incredible by Drew Barrymore Scream (1996), there are several underage people in horror movies who have their own scary stories and meaningful quotes.

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Fans Are Interested To See Jordan Peele’s New Horror Movie Nope as get out is such a remarkable film.

Chris Washington’s (Daniel Kaluuya) best friend, Rod Williams (Lil Rel Howery) is one of the best supporting characters in any horror movie and also one of the funniest parts of get out. Rod, who works at the TSA at the airport, can tell something terrible is about to happen and lets Chris know that visiting Rose Armitage’s (Allison Williams) parents probably won’t be a good idea. When Rod helps Chris, Chris asks him how he knew where he was and Rod says, “I’m TS-motherf*ckin’-A.” Rod is so important because he serves as a warning and helps share the message of the film.

Johnny Galecki had a small role in I know what you did last summer in the role of Max Neurick, the friend of Julie James (Jennifer Love Hewitt). In the 90s horror movie that still stands, Max has a huge crush on Julie and wants nothing more than to steal her from Ray (Freddie Prince Jr.).

Max’s role in the story is brief but hard to forget as his death is terrible. While Max works in the shack at the wharf of his small town, because he is a fisherman, Ben Willis brutally murders him. This death scene is one of the most shocking in the movie and while horror fans might guess minor characters would die along with some of the major ones, it’s still a huge moment where Max’s life comes to an end.

In the 1992 movie candy manAnne-Marie McCoy (Vanessa Estelle Williams) is a single mother and her son is Anthony, who becomes the main character of the 2021 direct sequel. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s character Anthony becomes the Candyman, and that’s her mother who knows everything about the legend and the myth of the Candyman.

The big reveal at the end of the 1992 film involves Candyman taking Anthony, Anne-Marie’s baby, and Helen (Virginia Madsen) determined to stop him. Helen returns the baby to Anne-Marie, and Annie-Marie is one of the most important supporting characters in the candy man franchise. Anne-Marie suffered, saw real pain and suffering, and she chose not to give Anthony any details about her past.

While Cry 3 has a bad opening scene, the 1996 film Scream has what is generally considered to be the most epic way to open a horror movie in history. Casey Becker (Drew Barrymore) is getting ready for a night of popcorn and scary movies, and instead Ghostface calls her up, questions her about gender, and kills her boyfriend Steve Orth (Kevin Patrick Walls) before murder him in an incredibly gruesome way. Casey is a great supporting character because she’s sweet and the audience cares about her immediately.

In a interview with The hottest, Drew Barrymore shared that she thought it would work out well if Casey was killed off. She said she doesn’t like it when the main character in a horror movie survives. Barrymore said she wanted the film to be different: “What I wanted to do was take away that comfort zone. I asked if I could be Casey Becker so we established that rule didn’t apply. not in this movie,” according to Weekly entertainment.

Halloween H20 is actually a good movie, if not as popular as the classic 1978 first film, and Michelle Williams played Molly Cartwright, the girlfriend of Laurie Strode’s (Jamie Lee Curtis) son, John (Josh Hartnett). Molly is a solid supporting character who has smart dialogue. Molly and John have a sweet teenage romance, and John explains that he didn’t celebrate Halloween because “it would be in bad taste to celebrate”, which injects some humor and levity into this difficult and sad situation. .

Molly is part of an interesting exchange when Laurie asks her what she thinks of Victor Frankenstein and Elizabeth, the person he loved. In parallel with Laurie pursuing her own Halloween creature, Michael Myers, Molly says: “Victor had reached a point in his life where he had nothing left to lose. I mean the monster sought that out by killing everyone he loved. Victor eventually had to face it. It was about redemption…it was his destiny.” Molly is much smarter than her peers and a big part of the movie.

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