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SINGAPORE – The world’s tallest Bearbrick, 8000%, 5.6 meters tall, has arrived at Raffles City. The all-new Raffles City Bearbrick Candy Cane 2000% can also be found in the mall, designed exclusively by ActionCity in partnership with Medicom Toy.

For those who have seen the Christmas installation of bear-like figures standing outside Raffles City, but are new to Bearbrick and want to know more, read on!

The tallest Bearbrick in the world can now be found in Raffles City. PHOTO: ActionCity

Would you believe it if I told you that a plastic teddy bear could earn hundreds and thousands of dollars in investment? Yes, Bearbrick, collectible display toys known to resell at multiples of their original price are grounded in reality.

Yahoo Life SEA spoke to Cheong Zhaoyong, avid art toy collector and group brand director for ActionCity and Pop Mart SA, to learn more about Bearbrick and its investment value. With over 10 years of experience in international business, marketing and branding, Zhaoyong highly appreciates the Bearbrick shape celebrating the beauty of handcrafted materials such as pewter from Royal Selangor.

We’ve rounded up five fun facts about Bearbrick, whether they’re worth investing in, and where to find and own them in Singapore.

Fun fact 1: The first Bearbrick started as a gift in Japan

Released on May 27, 2001, the first Bearbrick was a promotional item in the gift bag given to attendees of the World Character Convention in Tokyo, Japan. The polar bear featured a Bearbrick logo in the shape of a blue bear with a red “@”. Measuring 70mm, this marked the 100% standard size for Bearbricks.

Interestingly, Medicom was initially commissioned to produce a gift based on his Kubrick toy, a Lego-like humanoid figure named after famous filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. However, due to the large order and short lead time, founder Tastuhiko Akashi got creative. Inspired by the 100th anniversary of the teddy bears, he transformed Kubrick and teddy bear shapes, and Bearbrick was born. The creation, Bearbrick, took the form of an anthropomorphic bear figurine with a belly and moving parts. It was an instant success, and the rest is history.

Fun Fact 2: Bearbricks come in different sizes and are shown as a percentage

The Bearbrick figure is based on a standard bear-shaped shape consisting of nine parts with five joints and usually comes in three different sizes: 100% (70mm), 400% (280mm), and 100% (700mm). You may have also seen the 50% (35mm), which usually takes the form of a keychain.

Fun Fact 3: Be @ rBricks is coming Series and Types

Categorized into “Series” and “Types”, there are two drops per year, in summer and in winter. For the uninitiated, here’s a quick rundown of what’s available:

Bearbrick.  PHOTO: ActionCity

Bearbrick. PHOTO: ActionCity

Basic – Each number has a letter which is spelled “BE @ RBRICK”. There are nine models in all.

Artist – A collaboration with an artist.

Secret – Rare, undisclosed designs that may also consist of collaborations.

Dragee – Solid color and translucent plastic.

Model – The design has a pattern, as the name suggests.

Flag – An interpretation of a nation’s flag.

Horror – Based on a character from the horror genre.

SF (Science-Fiction) – Inspired by a science fiction theme, usually a movie.

Cute – A pretty figure.

Animal – An animal figure.

hero – Includes DC Comics superheroes.

Fun Fact # 4: There is a real brand called Original False

While our research produced a number of products dubbed “OrginalFake,” we became curious and verified with the group’s brand manager, Zhaoyong. He clarified that “‘OriginalFake’ refers to a real brand created by American artist KAWS (Brian Connelly) with Medicom Toy and Nexus 7 in 2006, as a label for their collaborations in toys and fashion. The brand was created out of the need to fight counterfeit KAWS toys, but officially closed in 2013 after a 7-year run. “

For those considering purchasing a Bearbrick, he advises: “The best and only surefire way to ensure that you are purchasing an original Bearbrick is still the source of your purchase. ActionCity is the only authorized partner for Medicom Toy in the industry. region. Thus every Bearbrick purchase from us is guaranteed to be original and not a fake. In fact, many dealers in the market show the authenticity of the Bearbricks they have by producing their purchase receipts from ActionCity. “

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Fun Fact 5: The most expensive Bearbrick sold for S $ 230,000!

But what is the value of Bearbricks? Is it just a toy? As shared by Zhaoyong, the most expensive 1000% Bearbrick ‘Qiu Tu’, created by contemporary Chinese artist Yue Minjun in 2008, was auctioned for around S $ 230,000 just a few years ago.

Another notable ‘grail’ piece among collectors is the Chanel 1000% Bearbrick produced in 2006, which is Bearbrick’s first notable foray into the world of haute couture. Designed by Karl Lagerfeld with iconic Chanel elements with a monochrome tweed suit, pearls, sunglasses and a camellia flower, it was originally used in Chanel windows around the world before being offered to VIP customers.This design was later released in 2007 in 1000% form (with a limited edition of 1000) for a charity event in Hong Kong. Despite this, the Chanel Bearbrick remains one of the most elusive and collectible Bearbricks on the market, along with the price tag Current asking on StockX over S $ 100,000 (as of November 2021) – over 50 times the original sale price! “

Bearbricks for investment. Yes or no?

For those new to collectible toys, here is Zhaoyong’s take: “The world of Bearbrick is big, so (it’s) probably not the easiest to collect. time, it’s best to identify what concerns you most, and maybe start from there. For example, if you’re a Star Wars or Marvel fan, you might consider checking out the Star wars/wonder x Bearbrick designs and their availability. Or if you have always been a fan of certain artists like Andy Warhol or Jean-Michel Basquiat, many Bearbrick designs inspired by the art pieces of these greats will certainly fit into your collection. “

If you are considering collecting Bearbricks as a form of investment, he advises, “For new collectors, we do not recommend focusing on Bearbricks as bullion coins. The Heart of Bearbrick is an art form celebrating pop culture. It’s supposed to be a source of joy and inspiration for collectors. Collecting by trying to estimate the surge in aftermarket prices will be more speculative than investing, and takes away the joy of collecting toys. “

“We will not endorse the Bearbrick collection purely for investment value. As with any other collection, the best way to really start is to look for pieces that appeal to you aesthetically with emotional values.”

To see the of the world larger Bearbrick

The Steve Harrington collection.  PHOTO: ActionCity

The Steve Harrington collection. PHOTO: ActionCity

Together with Raffles City, ActionCity brings Christmas joys in the form of the world’s tallest Bearbrick Christmas centerpiece and limited edition Bearbrick merchandise. Check out the Bearbrick pop-up gallery, which houses a wide range of 1000% Bearbrick figures. This is your chance to get started in collecting art toys.

While in Raffles City, take some time to view the Steven Harrington Collection on Level One at Raffles City. The special Los Angeles-based artist spotlight showcases a mix of funky art, clothing and merchandise, including the 21st anniversary commemorative ActionCity BearBrick designed by Steven Harrington. Instagram-worthy photos abound in the mall.

The Bearbrick Candy Cane 100%, an exclusive collectible toy designed for Raffles City by ActionCity, is redeemable starting November 30 with a single spend of S $ 300 at Raffles City. Plus, buyers who spend S $ 100 on a single receipt can redeem a set of Bearbrick gift wrap, while supplies last.

The Love, BE @ RBRICK Christmas campaign runs until December 26, 2021.

Visit Raffles City, # 01-22.

The tallest Bearbrick in the world has arrived at Raffles City.  PHOTO: ActionCity

The tallest Bearbrick in the world has arrived at Raffles City. PHOTO: ActionCity

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