5 Horror Movies That Need Prequels

Sometimes a horror prequel can be unnecessary because fans feel they have enough detail, information, and backstory to enjoy their favorite movies and franchises. But other times, fans love spending time with these characters and worlds so much that it’s hard not to wish there was a movie about how it all started.

From ’90s slasher movies where the prequels would make a splash, to a more recent critically acclaimed one-off about an interesting curse, there are several horror movies just begging for a prequel.

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With Scream being one of the most popular horror franchises of all time, it would be fascinating to watch a prequel film about Billy Loomis’ father having an affair with Maureen Prescott. This prequel would work well since the Scream movies aren’t scary and this movie wouldn’t have to be super scary either.

This prequel would give fans more history and context on why Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) wanted to become Ghostface, and audiences could also learn more about a young Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) and his family life before. that the horrors of the 1996 film do occur. The best Scream the movies are set in Woodsboro, so no one would want to spend more time in this small town either.

As a 90s horror movie that’s still good, I know what you did last summer has an entertaining sequel, and a prequel would also be a great idea. As fans discover that Ben Willis (Muse Watson) is behind the harassment, scares, and murders, not much is known about him and his life before that.

While Ben Willis isn’t one of the worst horror movie villains, he’s also not one of the most unforgettable, and a previous movie would give him more of a place in horror history. . Fans know that Ben Willis had a deceased wife and daughter, and it would be interesting to shine a light on the pain and grief he went through, as these events made him the villain he became.

While freddie should have a sequel, a prequel movie would also be fun and definitely something fans of the franchise would be interested in.

Robert Englund was interviewed by SyFy and said he would like a prequel. The actor said: “I think the franchise probably deserves a really good prequel. There was never an entire movie dedicated to Freddy before he got burned and the crimes and getting arrested by the police and stand trial and get away with killing children. We know he’s been released, so for me the big part of the prequel will be the lawyers, the lawyers who got him out.” Englund would like the movie to end with “the vigilante parents burning it down.” It makes a lot of sense and would be a movie that would add a few layers to the already beloved franchise and make Freddy Krueger look even more fully formed.

A good prequel sets up the main story and offers details not found in the original film. Since It follows is so popular, it would be a good idea to release a prequel that further explains the origins of this curse.

Fans love spending time in this supernatural world as Jay Height (Maika Monroe) becomes haunted by a figure that follows her wherever she goes. As fans learn that people pass this curse on to each other after sleeping together, it’s hard not to wish to see how it all started. Has this happened to any other group of teenagers? Is there a way to stop it? Fans have a lot of questions, and a prequel movie might help answer them. It would also likely be as well done as the 2014 film, which has become one of the most beloved horror films of the last ten years.

Kevin Williamson wrote Facultyone of the most thrilling horror films of the 90s. Casey Connor (Elijah Wood), Zeke Tyler (Josh Hartnett) and Stokes Mitchell (Cleo Duvall) hate going to their high school every day, and things get even worse. weirder when they realize that aliens have taken over their teachers.

While the film does a great job explaining the sci-fi elements, there’s always room for even more, and fans would certainly be pleased with a prequel film with even more explanation of how the teachers have changed. It would be cool to learn how the alien invasion started in this small town in Ohio and maybe even find out more about who the teachers were before it happened to them.

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