5 Memorable 80s Horror Movie Quotes

The 1980s were a formative time for horror movies, as modern slasher began to garner attention with Friday 13 (1980) and freddie (1984). There were also several adaptations of Stephen King’s work during this decade such as Cujo (1983), Christina (1983), Fire starter (1984), and Pet sematary (1989) were all released within a few years of each other.

Whether fans are rewatching an ’80s slasher or the popular’s debut movie Child’s play franchise, one thing is for sure: many movies from this decade contain unforgettable quotes that are chilling, thrilling, and give great context to what’s going on.


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“See, Jason was my son, and today is his birthday.”

The famous Scream The opening sees Casey Becker (Drew Barrymore) get a question wrong. She thinks the bad guy in Friday 13 is Jason Voorhees, but while Jason is the masked killer in the rest of the franchise, his mother Pamela Voorhees is the original film’s killer.

The well-known character of Betsy Palmer lets the counselors at Camp Crystal Lake know they’re in trouble by explaining that she’s Jason’s mother and wants revenge. Unlike the worst horror movie villains, Pamela has a motive that makes sense, and this reveal is terrifying because she seems totally unhinged and bloodthirsty.

“All work and no play makes Jack a boring boy.”

by Jack Nicholson the brilliant the character Jack Torrance descends into madness, and in one memorable scene he begins typing the phrase “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” It’s a line so famous that fans associate it with the movie.

It’s a classic proverb that people need to have balance in their lives, and it works so well in the brilliant since Jack thought that staying at the Overlook Hotel would allow him to focus on his writing. Instead, the ghosts in his halls tormented him. Although some Stephen King fans prefer Misery for the brilliantthis quote is so smart and meaningful.

“Something’s wrong with Cujo, mom!”

Cujo may not be considered one of Stephen King’s best adaptations, but the ’80s film is definitely memorable because the story of a family with an evil dog isn’t something audiences would forget. easily. Critics didn’t love this movie, but this line couldn’t be scarier.

Brett Camber (Billy Jacoby) is shocked to learn that his dog is useless and shouts this statement at his mother. It’s horrible to imagine how Billy must feel, realizing that he and his family are in a precarious and dangerous situation now, when all Brett wanted was a pet to spend time with.

“Hi, I’m Chucky. You want to play ? »

Although the 2019 Child’s play the reboot is lackluster crazy doll fans love the well done tv series chucky, and it’s fun to remember where it all started. In the 1988 film, Chucky says that iconic line, which shows he’s bad news but does his best to convince the kids to play with him so he can begin his killing spree.

Chucky has funny and bold lines in every movie in the franchise, but his question about whether anyone wants to play with him is the absolute best because he looks sweet and innocent when, of course, fans horror know it is anything but. Chucky tries to be charming, though, and it always works.

“Sometimes dead is better.”

Jud Crandall (Fred Gwynne) is an excellent character in Stephen King’s 1989 scary movie Pet sematary. As the Creed family learns the horrors of living in their new home, Jud explains that it’s smarter to let dead pets go.

Jud’s quote is hard to forget but also important because it shares the advice that if humans and animals die and come back to life here, they won’t be the way they were now. They will be mean. It’s a tough pill for the Creeds to swallow, as they mourn the tragic loss of their young son Gage (Miko Hughes), but Jud is of course right. Nothing good will happen if beloved pets and people get a second chance at life. Jud is a big contrast to the Creeds as they’re naturally emotional, but he’s smart and has worked with the magical pet sematary for a long time, so he knows what’s going to happen.

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