5 must-watch horror movies for the summer

Summer and horror movies go so well together. So much horror movie iconography, perhaps especially iconic slashers, is tied to the season. Whether it’s summer camp, a crackling bonfire, a big lake, or summer vacation, there’s a plethora of horror movies that embrace those warm months and all. what they offer to better tell their stories and scare viewers.

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For many, summer meant going to the local video store to browse the horror movie section and find the one that looked the scariest. These days, it’s as easy as staying in the comfort of your own home, browsing your favorite streaming site, and picking the perfect pick. There is such a variety of horror movies that some are best watched at certain times of the year. While Halloween might be the most popular time to watch horror movies, there’s no doubt that some horror movies are best viewed during the summer.

Combustion (nineteen eighty one)

Combustion is the quintessential summer horror movie. Featuring a young Jason Alexander, this film takes place in the camp like many other horror films of this era. The similarity in the frame, however, does not detract from its charm. Offering many beloved horror movie tropes, Combustion is both scary and funny.

During summer camp, some teenagers play a prank on the camp caretaker, Cropsy (Lou-David). Of course, the prank goes terribly wrong. Cropsy is set on fire and left for dead. A few years pass and Cropsy returns for revenge. Now scarred and disfigured by burns, the former caretaker tracks down a new group of teenagers. Armed with his faithful veils, he brings them down one by one. Combustion is sure to satisfy anyone’s summer horror movie craving.

Summer 84 (2018)

Summer 84 is as close to perfect as possible. Between the stellar acting and the suspenseful moments throughout, this film is an essential part of any summer horror movie list. The teenager Davey Armstrong (Graham Verchere) suspects that his neighbor, who happens to be a policeman, is a serial killer. Davey convinces his group of friends of his theory, and the boys become dangerously involved in their own investigation to prove Davey’s theory is correct.

Set during the summer of 1984, of course, this film perfectly captures the mood of the 1980s summer, from the way the film is filmed to every detail of every scene. Viewers will immediately feel connected to the characters. Their friendship feels genuine and the story is exceptionally told. Summer 1984from start to finish, is the perfect thriller to add to any summer watch list.

overnight camp (1983)

overnight camp is a true horror cult classic from the 1980s. It’s clear that the ideal recipe for a summer horror movie involves camp in one way or another. overnight camp honors this trope as cousins ​​Angela and Ricky head off to summer camp. Things seem wrong about Angela from the start. She doesn’t talk much, doesn’t participate in any of the activities, and doesn’t like to shower in front of the other girls in her cabin. She is often harassed, and one by one those who give her a hard time are murdered in the most unique ways.

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overnight camp is both corny and creepy in the best way. It’s a fun watch with one of the most shocking twists for an ending. Above all, it captures the horror of summer so well. The murders are more inventive than in most horror movies, the campsite provides the perfect mood, and the performances are campy enough to make this an imperative seasonal watch.

Friday 13 (1980)

Friday 13 is one of the most popular horror movie franchises of all time. While all the movies in the series are enjoyable, nothing beats the original. Taking place at Camp Crystal Lake, Friday 13 revolves around camp counselors who reopen the campsite after being closed for several years due to tragic events that took place there years before.

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Before the campers even show up, murders begin to take place. Similar to overnight campthe victims in this film are unique because they reflect the setting of the campsite. Friday 13, however, has far fewer laughs and more scares. The darkness and thunderstorms really add to the overall mood. The score also heightens the suspense as the councilors are pursued by the mysterious killer. A true classic, Friday The 13th is still an essential summer watch that will really give viewers that summer feeling.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

the original Chainsaw Massacre is as terrifying as it gets. Set in the heart of summer, Sally (marilyn burns) travels with his wheelchair-bound brother, Franklin (Paul A. Partain) and a group of friends via van to check out his grandfather’s grave which may have been vandalized. The group ends up taking a slight detour to their family’s old farmhouse where they discover one by one that the family next door is made up of violent killers.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of those best-watched movies on a late summer night. The setting of the film is the one that really attracts viewers as it is filmed in such a way that it is impossible not to feel the atmosphere while watching it. Close-ups of characters dripping in sweat from the heat and fear of being stalked by Leatherface (Gunnar Hansen) really adds to what makes this movie special. It captures details that a lot of movies don’t. No matter how many times it is viewed, it never loses its charm or ability to scare viewers.

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