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Many successful television shows have been adapted from books as with Game Of Thrones and Shadow and bone. With film adaptations, the plot often has to be reduced and key scenes and moments can be left out.

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However, with a TV series, characters can be fleshed out entirely and scenes can be added to develop them further and present stories that were only mentioned in the book. Although TV book adaptations have become more and more common, there are still many books that could still receive this treatment.

8 The turn of the key (by Ruth Ware)

The turn of the key book on orange fabric

The shot Netflix series, The Haunting of Bly’s Mansion was one of the best Screw turn adaptations and Ruth Ware The turn of the key is also inspired by the literary classic. The book sees Rowan working a job as a live-in nanny that immediately sounds too good to be true.

The turn of the key is full of mystery and suspense and would make the perfect horror-thriller TV show. The mystery is built throughout the book, oscillating between the main events and the near future where Rowan is accused of murder. The book is full of twists and turns and would certainly make a gripping and frenzy-worthy series.

7 The Lunar Chronicles (by Marissa Meyer)

The four books of the Lunar Chronicles

The Lunar Chronicles is a sci-fi version of classic fairy tales, including Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and White as snow. The book series centers on an ongoing pandemic and the political tension between Earth and the lunar planet.

The protagonists of these original fairy tales were mostly passive and needed to be saved, but in The Lunar Chronicles they take center stage and are strong and resilient. With its mix of classic fairy tales and sci-fi themes, this series would make an exciting TV show. Since there are four long books in the series, there is certainly enough material for a potential show to have a long, healthy run.

6 Radio silence (by Alice Oseman)

The cover of the book Radio Silence

Radio silence focuses on the podcast, Universe City, which is run by an anonymous character. At the heart of this story is the friendship between Frances and Aled, which refreshingly changes the usual emphasis of romance in young adult literature.

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The podcast is vibrant and fun, and the friendship between the main characters is heartwarming, but the book also touches on several emotional and hard-hitting issues. With Alice Oseman’s Heart stroke being adapted in a future Netflix series, Radio silence could also follow. As the books are set in the same universe and there are small and subtle character crossovers between the two, Radio silence could make a great spin-off for Heart stroke if the TV show is a success.

5 They both die at the end (by Adam Silvera)

Book They both die at the end

They both die at the end takes place in an alternate modern day version, with the main difference being the grim Death-Cast. In this world, people get a call on the day they are going to die, but don’t know the exact time or how it will happen.

The book would benefit from a TV adaptation because it could focus on a larger group of characters than the one shown in the book and could show how different people deal with the news that they are about to die. Additionally, a refreshing change for this series would be the LGBT romance at the center between the two main characters, Rufus and Mateo. They both die at the end could definitely join the best disturbing dystopian TV series.

4 The Spiderwick Chronicles (by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi)

The first three books in The Spiderwick Chronicles series

Netflix adapted the bestselling children’s book series A series of unfortunate events but another series of books that was popular around the same time as this one was The Spiderwick Chronicles. The series focuses on the Grace siblings as they discover a hidden magical world of fantastic creatures that surround them.

The series was actually adapted into a movie starring Freddie Highmore. However, the film tried to adapt all five books into one, which left a lot out. While the movie is enjoyable, a TV show could build on the books and fully develop the characters, perhaps even adding to what fans are reading on the page.

3 Red, White and Royal Blue (by Casey McQuisten)

Split image of Casey McQuiston and his book, Rey.  White and royal blue

Red, White and Royal Blue focuses on the growing romance between the first son of the United States and the Prince of England. The book is a slow-burning enemies-to-lovers LGBT romance and is both dramatic and heartwarming.

The book is hugely successful online and with similarities to Success Young Royals calls for an adaptation. The show could easily become one of the best LGBT TV shows, as this show could effectively portray the passionate and emotional love story between Alex and Henry.

2 The Channel (by Adrian McKinty)

A banner for the book La Chaîne

Chain is a suspenseful thriller that puts a unique twist on the missing child trope. Once a child is kidnapped in Chain, their parents are quickly contacted and instructed to abduct another child in order to recover theirs. The book shows how far parents will go for their children and brings out the darker side of everyday characters.

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As thrillers are very popular on streaming services such as Netflix, Chain would make an exciting, high octane series. Like with They both die at the end, a TV show of this book could show a wide range of characters and further expand on what happens in the book.

1 The rest of us live right here (by Patrick Ness)

The Rest Of Us Just Live Here book cover

In many ways, The rest of us live right here is like Buffy the vampire slayer – if it was all told from Alex’s point of view. The book focuses on the “Chosen One” best friend and how they deal with the amazing and fantastic events happening in their city when all they want is to lead a normal life.

While there are a lot of fantastic elements present in the story, the main focus is on the normal characters who are still trying to go about their day-to-day business. With shows like Buffy the vampire slayer Being very popular, a premise like this would make a great TV show. The rest of us live right here takes many of the tropes commonly seen in the supernatural media, but shows them from an entirely different perspective.

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