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M. Night Shyamalan is back with his latest haunting thriller, Old woman. The film follows a group of people stranded on a secluded beach, which mysteriously speeds up the aging process of all of its inhabitants. While critics and reviews from audiences are mixed, there’s no denying that this film takes on a different and empowering concept that will entertain viewers.

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The thriller has all the hallmarks of a typical Shyamalan movie: disturbing mood, complex plot, and a shocking twist at the end of the film. For fans of Old woman looking for a similar experience, there is a plethora of past films that share the tropical location, Byzantine intrigue, or unsettling atmosphere of the film.

9 Fantasy Island (2020) – Available on Starz

Portia Doubleday and Lucy Hale in Fantasy Island

In Fantastic island, a group of guests arrive at a beautiful resort where they witness the extraordinary lifestyle created by the unusual mysticism of the island. However, as the guest’s desires come true things slowly darken and they have to solve the mysteries as the only way out.

Jeff Wadlow’s 2020 thriller follows a similar plot of a vacation paradise in an unusual location turning into something deadly. Additionally, while it showcases the exquisite and spooky nature of the island, the film also highlights the plot twists of the circumstances that occur for a reason rather than chance. As the film executes its tale of a mystical island differently from Shyamalan’s film, Fancy Isle is equally suspenseful with supernatural elements and twists that will appeal to Old womanthe fans.

8 Cast Away (2000) – Available to rent on Apple TV

Tom Hanks in Cast Away

Heavy storm causes plane crash en route to Malaysia early in Castaway. Among the passengers on the plane, a FedEx employee is the only survivor. Stuck alone on an island, he must stay alive with limited resources and develops an unconventional friendship with Wilson, an inanimate volleyball player.

Starring Tom Hanks in an Oscar nominated performance, this 2000 film by Robert Zemeckis may not be a mainstream thriller, but it has a similar premise to the Shyamalan movie of being stuck in a remote location with only the desire to survive by leading the main character. As the character ages like those in Old woman, it takes place in a more realistic time frame without any sci-fi element. Castaway is one of Tom Hank’s best movies, and fans of Old woman will be rewarded with another film that presents the plight of ordinary people who survive extraordinary circumstances.

7 1408 (2007) – Available to rent on Apple TV and Google Play

Grieving author dares to stay in one of America’s most haunted rooms in Mikael Håfström’s Stephen King film adaptation of his short story 1408. As the author waits for the paranormal to unfold, he also confronts his devastating past.

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Like Old woman, 1408 also follows the story of a mysterious place in which inexplicable circumstances occur. It is very character-oriented, focusing on the author’s journey through his stages of mourning. Plus, there are some spooky moments in the history of the haunted hotel. Despite 1408differences in the plot and arc of the characters, fans of Old woman will fully appreciate the suspense factor and exceptional performance of John Cusack.

6 Mother! (2017) – Available on Paramount +

Mother!  Darren Aronovsky Jennifer Lawrence Javier Bardem

In the 2017 Allegory of Darren Aronofsky mother!, a married woman tries to renovate her house, but things get strange when an unexpected guest stays with her. Soon, other visitors join them in which her husband plays the role of welcoming host while ignoring his wife.

With Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem, mother! shares the strange and disturbing tone of Old woman. It presents strange events and behaviors of the characters and setting. As one of the most polarizing films of the millennium, the horror film is artful and captivating with its unique storyline and striking cinematography and staging. Any viewer who enjoys a unique and refreshing thriller like Old woman will find mother! ‘s poignant, intriguing and daring story.

5 Escape Room (2019) – Available on FuboTV and FXNOW

that of Adam Robitel Escape room follows a group of six people who join in the fun of an escape room with the chance to win some cash. While escape rooms are generally harmless, this one is very different in which obstacles are dangerous and result in near death.

This 2019 horror film also shares a complex story about a group of people who need to use their wits to solve the mystery of their mysterious, confined environment. Additionally, both films reveal a previously hidden organization controlling the storylines the protagonists are placed in at the start of each film. Despite some criticism for its writing and concept, Escape room is always an entertaining film that will appeal to Old woman fans who like to scare.

4 Rental (2020) – Available on FuboTV and Showtime

The rental Dan Stevens in search of insects

Directed by Dave Franco, 2020s Location follows four people renting a home to celebrate the success of their partner’s thriving business. Much to their dismay, they suspect a violation of their privacy by discovering hidden cameras all over the house. As the night progresses, the guests begin to disappear and the mystery of who is watching them deepens.

Like Old woman, Location Also follows a plot of a vacation gone bad in a secluded location. As one of the best horror movies about spooky shacks, this skillful slasher flick will give viewers chills and have a shocking ending worthy of Shyamalan himself.

3 The Shining (1980) – Available on HBO Max and Apple TV

Jack Torrance in Shining

In the 1980 horror classic The brilliant, Jack Torrance is a recovering alcoholic and writer who becomes a concierge at a Colorado hotel and moves in with his wife, Wendy, and son, Danny. As the hotel crew leave and the snow traps the young family, unusual things begin to happen with Danny seeing ghosts of former guests and Jack slowly losing his grip on reality.

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Acclaimed actions of the adaptation of Stephen King by Stanley Kubrick Old womanand the frightening nature of a potentially supernatural place. Additionally, it shows how the spooky Overlook Hotel affects the character’s psychological state and the other characters’ desperate attempts to escape. With its striking cinematography and committed performances, The brilliant will appeal not only to Old woman fans but to any moviegoer who wants to watch one of the best Stephen King movie adaptations ever made.

2 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) – Available on Cinemax Go

The strange story of old Benjamin Button

In The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Benjamin Button is unlike any human being as he ages upside down, being born as an older man. Despite the challenges he faces, he tries to live life to the fullest by embarking on adventures around the world and making love with the love of his life, Daisy.

David Fincher’s heartwarming drama is neither a thriller nor a horror, but it plays on the concept of abnormal aging as Old woman. The difference is that this dramatic film focuses on the social and physical barriers of reverse aging while at the same time Old woman is on rapid aging due to a seemingly mystical environment. Nevertheless, it presents a beautiful story of the mystery of Benjamin Button and the acceptance of his condition. The 2008 film won 13 Oscar nominations and is considered one of Brad Pitt’s best films according to Metacritic.

1 Shutter Island (2010) – Available on Netflix and AMC +

US Marshall Teddy Daniels and his partner arrive at a mental hospital to investigate the disappearance of a woman in Martin Scorsese’s 2010 supernatural thriller Shutter island. As they investigate the case, they learn about the hospital’s mysterious activities as Teddy is confronted with his tragic past that comes to haunt him.

With Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo and Ben Kingsley, Shutter island actions Old womanthe dark atmosphere and confinement in a specific location, with Scorcese’s film mostly set at the seemingly menacing Ashecliffe Hospital. Additionally, both films have shocking twist endings that require a second viewing to decipher all of the clues buried in each film’s narrative.

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