9 Most Suspensive Stalker Movies That Will Have You Looking Over Your Shoulder

The best types of thrillers are those that mix real psychological horrors with nervous suspense and no type of thriller does this better than stalker movies. Stories about stalkers always manage to get under the audience’s skin by creating an eerie atmosphere and hitting that universal fear of someone watching you from the shadows. There’s always that hidden fear of someone following you from afar or a stranger staring at you that these films always bring to life and amplify through unsettling suspense.

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It’s even more horrifying when this terrifying entity emerges from the shadows and suddenly attaches itself to the protagonist’s life, leading to a chilling game of cat and mouse. Stalker movies can be scary, but which really present these creatures of habit in the most terrifying and suspenseful light?


Greta (2018)

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Director Neil Jordanthe thriller of 2018 Greta delivers fun thrills and chilling suspense in its story of a young girl’s good deed with sinister unexpected consequences.

After finding a purse on the subway and returning it to its owner, Frances (Chloe Grace Moretz) gains a new mate in an older woman named Greta (Isabelle Huppert) which looks nice at first but has darker undertones that lead to horrible outcomes. Jordan’s direction balances fun horror and seriously disturbing harrassment that elevates with stellar performances from Moretz and Huppert.

Observer (2022)

*Currently in theaters

Observer is the latest upcoming film from IFC Midnight and writer/director Chloe Okuno and constantly keeps viewers on their toes with its dark stalker story.

The film follows Julia (Maika Monroe), an actress who finds herself watched at night by a figure in the building opposite her. Observer is a total nerve-shredder full of perfectly crafted scares, a career-best performance from Monroe, and stellar direction from Okuno that induces paranoia and chills. You’ll be constantly looking over your shoulder after Observer.

The foreigners (2008)

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Bryan Bertinohis debut as a director, The foreignersstill remains one of the scariest home invasion films of all time, largely due to the haunting of its titular group of masked killers.

With his trio of masked killers stalking and terrorizing a couple throughout the night, they quickly come under the skin of the threat and haunting of their presence. Bertino’s management makes The foreigners a continually chilling view and the film contains one of the most unnerving single takes of all time. It’s honestly not for the faint of heart.

cable guy (1996)

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Although Ben Stillerthe black comedy of 1996 cable guy features many comedic talents, including jim carreyand Matthew Broderick in lead roles, his central stalker story has its chilling moments.

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The film follows an architect (Broderick) who is stalked by his intrusive wireman Chip (Carrey) and features a great mix of darker comedy and suspenseful stalking. Carrey’s generally over-the-top comedy has big touches of dark, creepy demeanor and Stiller’s direction works incredibly well to mix wild comedy and real-life horrors.

One hour photo (2002)

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Robin Williams was known for making audiences laugh, and their hearts swell with his charismatic and generous performances, but many may not remember his most terrifying performance in One hour photo.

The film sees Williams playing Sy, a photo technician obsessed with a seemingly perfect family he sees through their photos before injecting himself into their lives. Many have praised Williams for her counter-type performance that completely rocks you how unnerving and unforgettable it is. It’s a performance from Williams that shows just how talented he was and is generally remembered as one of his best.

Imbalance (2020)

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Rather than being dark and subtle in carrying out his stalker story, Imbalance features full-fledged road rage with its bonkers, but immensely suspenseful premise.

The film follows a single mother (Caren Pistorius) including bad interaction with another driver (Russell Crowe) ends up making her the target of his unexpected fury and starts a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Crowe is scary as hell in Imbalanceand you’re constantly left on the edge of your seat as the tension and suspense builds and never lets up the gas.

Foolish (2018)

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Steven Soderbergh’s 2018 psychological horror movie Foolishembodies all the horrors of gaslighting in a terrifying experience of a woman struggling with her stalker.

As she tried to escape her stalker, Sawyer (Claire Foy) ends up unknowingly signing a consent to be committed to a psychiatric hospital where her stalker David (Joshua Leonard) work. Soderbergh creates a tense experience that is heightened by Foy’s incredible peak performances and deftly instills thrills at every turn.

Cape fear (1991)

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Cape fear is a stalker story that trades romance for revenge and is an underrated gem in Martin Scorseseand robert denirolong-standing collaboration.

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The film sees DeNiro play Max Cady, a former prisoner who terrorizes his former lawyer’s family (Nick Nolte) who wronged him. DeNiro is an absolutely terrifying force, and Scorsese builds Max’s growing presence perfectly to create a terror-filled stalker story.

It follows (2014)

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David Robert Mitchell2014 breakout movie It follows mixes a horrible modern creature with all the horrors of an unknown presence that always makes you look over your shoulder.

The film follows Jay (Maika Monroe) as she tries to escape the grip of a shape-shifting entity that continually walks towards her. Mitchell’s direction constantly has you looking around to see if you see anything walking towards Jay and Monroe, who appears in many of the films on this list, delivers a must-see performance. It follows has become a definitive modern stalker story for a reason and will instantly make viewers unsettled by its unknown entity.

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