Adam Scott redefines work-life balance in ‘Severance’ thriller

What if your workplace was truly another world? What if there was a complete and total separation between your work and your personal life?

It’s the intriguing premise of “Severance,” where a spooky society rules and Adam Scott’s character, Mark, finds himself navigating a strange and suddenly dangerous reality.

Scott’s involvement began with Ben Stiller, who directs most of the AppleTV+ series’ nine episodes.

“Ben called me about five years ago and just told me the big idea for the show, a quick four-sentence whirlwind pitch.

“That is to say, it’s a story of a guy who works for a company where you can do a procedure, where when you go to work, you have no idea who you are in the outside world. And when you are in the outside world in your daily life, you have no idea what your job is once you cross the threshold of your workplace.

“You go to another part of your brain,” Scott, 48, explained. “Therein lies your outer life.”

Over the years, Scott couldn’t tear himself away from this weird split looking at work-life balance.

“I always hoped that I could do it at some point and land the role of Mark. Once I got to read a script, it was exactly the kind of thing I like to watch as an audience member. It’s quite unique.

“As an actor, it’s something that seems really cheesy, but it’s the role I’ve been waiting for my whole career.”

Scott acknowledged that “severance pay” is difficult to categorize.

“I don’t know if I would call it a horror movie. It has elements of a lot of different genres. When you start watching the show, it feels like a fun comedy instead of But there’s something sinister lurking underneath.

“And there is certainly satire but also elements of thriller, suspense and sci-fi. Everything works together towards that end result of something that simply feels new.

Scott had been an active, if not well-known, actor for 15 years when he landed what he dubs his “trifecta” of breakthrough comedic roles: 2008’s “Step Brothers” with Will Ferrell, the sitcom “Party Down” from Starz in 2009 and its awards. nominated work as Ben Wyatt in “Parks and Recreation”.

“All of this happened when my career was really taking off,” Scott said. “I was able to look back and realize, ‘Oh, I’ve been skating on thin ice for 15 years because that’s what it feels like when a career actually starts to happen. “”

“Severance” begins streaming Friday on AppleTV+.

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