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It’s no surprise that there are a ton of celebrity cameos featured alongside Death strandingthe star cast. With popular actors like The walking deadThere’s Norman Reedus as protagonist Sam Porter Bridges, Mads Mikkelsen as Cliff Unger, Léa Seydoux as Fragile, and more, there’s no shortage of celebrities in the genre-defying adventure game.

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From comedian and late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien to PlayStation director Hermen Hulst, there are twelve famous characters players can interact with throughout the game’s history. between them play a crucial role in the main narrative, others have smaller roles and are rarely spotted unless fans know where to find them.

12 Conan O’Brien

A photo of Conan O'Brien as a wandering MC in the game Death Stranding.

Old Late at night Host, writer and comedian Conan O’Brien makes a cameo appearance as The Wandering MC who stays in The Cosplayer’s house. Thankfully, this isn’t a dramatic role for the comedian, who instead makes players laugh with lame jokes and absurd otters talk. Players get the Otter Hood after interacting with him, which improves Sam’s water movements. It’s not too surprising to see him in the game, as he has expressed his interest in the industry and even kicked off a segment called Clueless Gamer, which was arguably one of the most popular skits on his show.

11 Daichi Miura

An image of Daichi Miura as a musician in the game Death Stranding.

Heavily popular Japanese singer and songwriter Daichi Miura stars as the musician in the game. He is located southwest of the distribution center and will give Sam a harmonica to help appease BB. The musician has been in the music industry for over a decade, starting with the Folder group and then becoming a solo artist. He is known for his hit songs like “I’m on Fire” and “(Re) play”, as well as for his work on the opening theme of Kamen Rider Ex-Aide, “EXCITE. “

ten Hirokazu Hamamura

An image of Hirokazu Hamamura as a collector in the game Death Stranding.

Hirokazu Hamamura appears as the in-game collector that players can interact with if they go south of the distribution center in the central region. The collector is obsessed with accumulating old consoles and thanks Sam for his help in growing his collection.

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Hamamura is the CEO of Famitsu Group and Enterbrain. It is normal that the former editor of the popular magazine, Famitsu Weekly, made a joke about bringing Sam into the “Hall of Fame” in Death stranding. Her character is actually telling the truth here, as the magazine awarded the game a rare Perfect Score shortly after its release.

9 Jordan vogt-roberts

A photo of Jordan Vogt-Roberts as a director in the game Death Stranding.

Somewhere southeast of the fulfillment center in the Central Region, players will meet the director, who is aptly inspired by director Jordan Vogt-Roberts. Sam delivers items to the prepper in exchange for cool sunglasses, an upgrade for the Odradek, and new colors for a cap.

Vogt-Roberts directed the recent popular film King Kong, Kong: Skull Island, as well as other films like Kings of summer and Nick Offerman: American ham. He is currently working with Hideo Kojima on the development of a highly anticipated live-action adaptation of Solid metal gear.

8 Tommy wirkola

A screenshot of Tommy Wirkola as Phillip North in the game Death Stranding.

Players can find Tommy Wirkola’s character, Phillip North, in the northwest part of the map. He’s the chief of distribution at the distribution center there and will thank Sam for his help by providing him with an assault rifle, spare ammo, and backpack accessories.

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Wirkola is the talented director responsible for the horror-comedy film, Dead snow, as well as the blockbuster horror film, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. He is currently working on three new films, including an adaptation of the comedy series, Irreparable.

7 Sam Lake

A photo of Sam Lake as a veteran Porter in the game Death Stranding.

Fans of Remedy Entertainment’s games will spot a familiar face in the southern part of the Central Region. Here, Sam Lake lends his resemblance to veteran Porter who has a deep distrust of the United Cities of America. Players who manage to convince him to join the network will receive three holograms and a nifty backpack accessory. Lake is best known for his work as a game author and founding member of Remedy. He has contributed to games like Alan wake, Control, and Max Payne. In fact, incumbent Max Payne’s face is based on Lake’s.

6 Edgar wright

Players heading south to Lake Knot City will stumble upon a distribution center run by Thomas Southerland. This character is inspired by the English director Edgar Wright, who plays the role of a former doorman who rose through the ranks. He gives Sam a few beers and a long haul truck to thank him for his help.

Wright directed the popular films, Scott Pilgrim vs the world and Baby Driver. Most may know him from writing and directing the Cornetto three flavors trilogy, which gave fans the likable characters of Shaun of the Dead, Warm down, and the end of the world.

5 Geoff keighley

A photo of Geoff Keighley as a Ludens fan in the game Death Stranding.

Geoff Keighley’s character is simply known as Ludens Fan in Death stranding. It is located in the eastern region of Capital Knot City. The NPC is obsessed with collecting memories related to a pre-stranded figure called Ludens, which he believes can help reduce chiral contamination. He rewards Sam with a backpack and new gear colors for his hard work.

Keighley is best known in the video game industry as the host of Game rewards and for being the former co-host of He also wrote a well-known column called “The Last Hours” for GameSpot at the beginning of the 2000’s.

4 Manabu Makime

A photo of Manabu Makime as the novelist's son in the game Death Stranding.

Just south of the Distribution Center in the Central Region, players will meet the Novelist’s Son, inspired by Japanese novelist Manabu Makime. The prepper has a fascinating fixation on growing squash, as he believes he can discover new cryptobiotics in his crops. He gives Sam a backpack accessory and gear colors to help him with his research. The novelist and essayist is known for his books as Princess Toyotomi and Toppin Parari no Pootaro. Some of his works like Horumo Fighting League and The great boom of Shu Ra Ra have their own film adaptations.

3 Errolson Hugh

An image of Errolson Hugh as Alex Weatherstone in the game Death Stranding.

The head of the Central Region Weather Station is aptly named Alex Weatherstone, an NPC based on fashion designer Errolson Hugh. Sam’s task is to convince him to join the UCA, and he’s rewarded with a chiral bandwidth upgrade and a talisman if he manages to persuade Alex.

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Hugh is the brilliant designer behind the ACRONYM brand. He is popular in the fashion industry for his innovations around techwear and his collaborations with big brands like Nike. The designer even created clothes based on Death stranding before its release, with one notable piece being a stylish jacket based on Sam’s in-game clothing.

2 Junji Ito

A screenshot of Junji Ito as an engineer in the game Death Stranding.

The young NPC called the Engineer can be found in the plains of the central region. The character, who is inspired by Junji Ito, has a compelling tale of attempting to rebuild what was lost after the stranding. As a reward for helping him in this process, he gives Sam some new power skeleton designs and a few smoke grenades.

Ito is a legendary manga artist who is known for his notable works as Uzumaki and Gyo. Junji Ito’s eerie and spooky creatures and well-crafted tales have earned him massive cult following over the years. His large fan base is a testament to his significant contribution to the horror genre.

1 Hermen Hulst

An image of Hermen Hulst as a craftsman in the game Death Stranding.

Just southwest of Lake Knot City, players will encounter an NPC based on the PlayStation boss himself, Hermen Hulst. His character, the Craftsman, is a preparer who discovered early on that the murder was leading to Voidouts. He has advocated for the use of non-lethal weapons and enlists Sam’s help in upgrading these items. Sam is given grenades, holograms, and permission to rest in the Craftsman’s shelter for his efforts.

In addition to being the head of the global PlayStation studios, Hulst was also the co-founder and CEO of Guerilla Games. Two of the holograms he gives to Sam Death stranding are actually Guerilla’s Easter eggs Horizon Zero Dawn – Fans will instantly recognize the Tallneck and the protagonist, Aloy, from the popular RPG.

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