All Upcoming Amazon Prime Original TV Shows

Many new and returning Amazon Original TV series are coming to First video coming soon, and this is a guide to all known upcoming releases from the streaming service. Amazon has been releasing critically acclaimed TV shows since 2013, and they continue to produce and distribute shows that are a hit with subscribers, like the hit superhero satire The boys. As such, many of the Prime Video deals arriving in the coming months are highly anticipated.

Masterful dramatic comedy Flea bag to the ambitious fantasy series The wheel of time, there has always been a diverse range of original TV shows on Prime Video. While some of them have reached their conclusion, like Flea bagthere are other hit shows returning to the streamer with new episodes including Carnival Row. However, most of the upcoming Amazon Original series are new titles that aim to become the next big thing on Prime Video.


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The original Prime Video series coming in 2022 spans all the major genres: there are fantasy shows, smaller scale sitcoms and political satires. Prime Video will also debut a sci-fi mystery series, a coming-of-age rom-com, a British murder mystery and a Jack Carr adaptation that sounds perfect for Amazon fans. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series. And that’s not all. Follow this chronologically ordered list of all known Prime Video TV shows along the way.

Night Sky – May 20

night sky sees Oscar winners Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons play an aging couple who discover a mysterious portal to another planet in their backyard. After spending decades hiding this secret, their life comes crashing down when they encounter an equally mysterious young man (Chai Hansen) on the planet, which until now seemed deserted. Will the pair jeopardize their gateway to another world in order to help this stranger form the sci-fi drama’s intriguing narrative thrust.

The Lake — June 17

Julia Stiles in The God Committee

This Canadian comedy series features black orphan Series regular Jordan Gavaris as Justin, a man who returns to his home country after breaking up with his longtime partner. Justin uses his new life to reconnect with the teenage daughter he gave up for adoption years earlier. Unfortunately, his good intentions are ruined by the arrival of Maisy-May (Julia Stiles), his too perfect sister-in-law. Lake director Jordan Canning previously worked on the cult Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creekso viewers can probably expect another warm family comedy with a hint of edge.

The Summer I Became Pretty — June 17

The Summer I Became Pretty Amazon Prime Video Series

The coming-of-age comedy-drama The summer when I became pretty sees a girl named Belly fall into a love triangle with two brothers while vacationing with her family. To all the boys franchise author Jenny Han also wrote the source novel for this show, meaning The summer when I became pretty might repeat the success of that other frothy teen romance confection. Like the Netflix movie To all the boys I loved beforethis new series adapts the first book in a trilogy of novels, which means viewers can probably expect a pair of The summer when I became pretty followed if season 1 goes well.

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The list of terminals — July 1

The list of Chris Pratt terminals

Chris Pratt plays James Reece, a Navy SEAL ambushed on a mission. He returns home with no clear understanding of what happened – or what role he played in all that happened. As more information comes to light, his life and those around him are quickly put in jeopardy in the action thriller. The list of terminals, based on Jack Carr’s bestselling novel of the same name.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power — September 2

Power Battle Rings

the the Lord of the Rings‘ The battles of the Second Age of Middle-earth will be chronicled on screen for the first time in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. The series will feature familiar characters like Galadriel and Elrond, seen in Peter Jackson the Lord of the Rings adaptations, but it will also introduce viewers to a host of new faces from the fictional universe.

Elected — TBD

Eleita – Temporada 1 Amazon Prime Video Original Series elected

Located in Rio de Janeiro, Elected is a political satire that asks what would happen if an influencer who shirks his responsibilities became governor of a big city. Set in the near future, Elected stars Clarice Falcão, who also co-created the series. Depicting Rio as a city on the brink of disaster means the series can be a darker, sharper satire than another current political show, NBC’s Mr. Mayor. However, the tone of ElectedThe social commentary of will only become clear when the series hits Prime Video.

Chloe — TBD

Chloe stars Erin Doherty as Becky, a lonely woman who spends her life online. The murder mystery, which drew rave reviews when it originally aired on the BBC in February 2022, follows Becky’s obsession with titular Chloe, whose social media accounts she scrutinizes. When Chloe is found dead, Becky takes it upon herself to indulge herself in the woman’s group of friends and figure out who is responsible for her murder.

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Platform – TBD

The Rig Amazon Prime Video Original Series Show

The platform is a supernatural thriller starring Emily Hampshire, Iain Glen and Martin Compson. Set on an offshore oil rig, the show will test the mental and physical mettle of the main characters when a mysterious, dense fog descends on the titular structure and traps them in a confrontation with something beyond. of their understanding. The platformThe synopsis of Promises Lovecraftian horror in the vein of John Langan’s acclaimed novel The fisherman or Stephen King’s short story Mist.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith — TBD

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Mr and Mrs Smith

Prime Video Mr. and Mrs. Smith The television series is based on the 2005 action comedy of the same name starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The small-screen reboot now stars Donald Glover and Maya Erskine as an unhappy married couple who discover they’re both leading secret double lives as assassins. This news becomes particularly controversial when they are instructed to kill each other by their respective employers.

Anansi Boys — TBD

Anansi Boys Amazon Prime Poster

Anansi Boys tells the story of two long-lost brothers, Charlie and Spider, who are reunited when their father, Mr. Nancy, dies. Unbeknownst to Charlie, Mr. Nancy was actually the Ghanaian trickster god Anansi, and now Spider is determined to introduce Charlie to the weird, supernatural world of West African mythology. Like Neil Gaiman’s source novel of the same name (as well as its earlier adaptation American gods), Anansi Boys is likely to be a surreal amalgamation of fantasy, horror, comedy, and character drama. To like The platform, Anansi Boys began filming in Scotland in 2021, and it is still filming in May 2022, and its official Prime Video release date is not yet known.

Amazon Originals back on Prime Video

The Boys Season 3 Butcher's New Powers Make Him Homelander's Most Dangerous Enemy

Along with new Prime Video offerings, the streaming service is also bringing back many existing shows for new seasons in the coming months. The boys season 3 premieres on June 3, while the third, penultimate season of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan arrives later in 2022. Reach was also renewed for a second season, as well as Carnival Row. The latter is likely to win a First video release date soon, as filming wrapped on season 2 in September 2021.

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