Barbarian (2022) – Review | Horror on HBO

look Barbaric on HBO Max in the US (and Disney+ internationally)

Zach Cregger is the writer and director of Barbaric and I can’t wait to see what he does next. This is the actor-turned-writer-director’s first horror film, and I can’t imagine it will be his last. He’s done a lot of comedy in the past. just like Jordan Pele and it turned out great for horror fans!

The fact that Zach Cregger manages to combine this tacky style of psychological horror with something that turns into very physical gore suits me just fine. Therefore, to say. Especially because both styles have time to evolve. One is not just in a hurry to make room for the other.

Without saying more about their characters in Barbaric, I want to say that you can expect more familiar faces during the 1 hour and 42 minutes of execution. You will see Richard Brake and Kate Bosworthbut for the latter you must really to pay attention. They share a scene though!

Additionally, in fairly small and/or easy to miss roles (or just a voice acting like Kate Siegel in The Midnight Club), we get Sara Paxton (Innkeepers), Will Greenberg, Matthew Patrick Davis and even writer-director Zach Cregger.

This film played in film festivals such as FrightFest in the UK and Sitges in Spain, which only increased the hype. Well you can believe the hype because this horror movie is impressive!

BARBARIC will be released on HBO Max and on VOD in the United States on October 25, 2022, and on Disney+ in many other countries from October 26, 2022.

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