Barbarian: where to stream the scariest horror movie

Once in a while, a horror movie surprises the public and the box office. Barbaric, written and directed by Zach Cregger and starring Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgård and Justin Long, looks set to be the surprise hit of 2022 thanks to an extremely fun story structure with jaw-dropping twists. To say more about the film’s story would spoil the fun, and that kind of low-key response from people recommending the film is part of the reason the film grossed over $40 million worldwide on a budget. of $4 million.

While low-budget comedies and dramas tend to get left out or go straight to streaming these days, horror movies can still pull in big business relative to their ambitions due to the shock and the surprise inherent in a good scary story. The adrenaline-fueled buzz that a particularly heart-shattering scare or creatively deployed gruesome imagery can provide remains a draw for casual audiences just hoping to see something new. Plus, seeing a horror movie with an audience is one of the best theatrical experiences since you can hear your movie mates gasp and scream with all the utter scares.

Barbaric also isn’t the only horror movie to enjoy strong word of mouth and genuinely spooky scares, like Paramount Pictures Smile also wins over audiences week after week with its traumatic terror.

Ironically, Barbaric almost didn’t have a chance to be the surprise hit of 2022. Acquired by Disney as part of the deal with 20th Century Fox, the film was slated to debut on Hulu, but after strong test screenings and premiering at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, the positive reception was impossible to ignore. Part of the film’s appeal is its clever, dark sense of humor, which makes sense considering writer/director Cregger was a member of the cult-favorite sketch group. The Whitest Kids You Knew, which had a long series on Fuse and IFC. Cregger is just the latest in what seems to be a trend of comedians becoming very successful in the horror genre, following Jordan Peele, Zoe Lister-Jones and Danny McBride, who co-wrote the recent Halloween trilogy.

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