Beetlejuice sequel won’t happen until script has the correct story

Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice, emerging from his graveyard in his iconic black and white striped suit.

It’s (not yet) time for the show!
Picture: Warner Bros.

A favorite movie for this time of year is beetle juice—Tim Burton 1988 horror comedy with Michael keaton as a scorching and sarcastic bio-exorcist. And watching beetle juice for the 20th or 30th time this Halloween, you may find your thoughts drifting to a certain subject between songs by Harry Belafonte: whatever happened to this beetle juice following Hollywood continued to try to do?

In a new interview with Collider, sscreenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith (whose current project is inspired by RL Stine from Disney + Just beyond; he also works on HBO Max The Green Lantern series) offered what almost pass for an update. It turns out that he did not speak with Tim Burton about Beetle juice 2 in five years – and there’s a very good reason the movie took so long to get off the ground, and may never done at all, from his point of view. “TThe reason it’s so hard to get started is because so many people love it and because there are 10 million ways to do this sequel wrong and four ways to get it right, ”he said. declared. “It’s such a fine needle to thread that I certainly … didn’t get it there, from the script side. I did not thread the needle. There are some cool things and some interesting ideas. I have certainly moved on emotionally and just said: “If it ever happens, it happens.

It certainly does ring as Grahame-Smith will not be involved in Beetle juice 2 moving forward, but he added an ounce of optimism that if someone could do the busy duo of Keaton (who is currently in Hulu’s new drama Sick and To Morbius and Flash future) and Burton (whose last feature was Dumbo with Keaton; he also has Netflix series Wednesday on my way) plot through theTory, it can still happen. May be. May be. “Michael Keaton is still so relevant and, and Tim Burton is still so relevant, but you have to have these two people excited about something to do it,” he said. “I couldn’t do it personally, as a writer, but maybe someone else can, ”he said.

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