Best Anime For Beginners To Watch: 7 Exciting Series


Getting into anime can be a huge undertaking. With so many different types to choose from, deciding which ones to look at can be overwhelming. From shonen (intended for young men) to shoujo (intended for young women) and seinen (intended for young and adult men), fans each have their own preferences for what they value most. For casual fans who don’t know where to start (and can find long-running shows like A piece or Naruto a bit intimidating), there are shows that are easier to consume – especially if you’re looking for something to really engage with, and that takes full advantage of the anime medium. While every anime fan starts out somewhere different, the shows below have a bit of it all: action, drama, compelling stories, and even romance. So consider this as your cheat sheet to get into the anime.

Fate zero

Fate zero

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy

Based on Type-Moon’s visual novel, Fate zero focuses on the fight between seven wizards fighting in what is called the Holy Grail War. The winner of the battle receives a wish. To fight, these wizards have the option of summoning minions to fight on their behalf. These minions are based on legendary figures across time, ranging from legendary knights to demigods. The beautifully animated fight scenes are just one aspect of this multi-layered series. Each Summoner has their own reasons for being a part of the Holy Grail War, not to mention the dynamics and relationships they share with their respective minions.

Hosted by Ufotable (the studio responsible for hosting the highly acclaimed Demon slayer, Fate zero has 25 episodes and makes a great entry for those looking for a fantasy series that goes beyond thrilling battles. The show is available on multiple streaming platforms, including Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Hulu.

Former mage bride


Genre: Magic, Fantasy, Drama, Slice of Life

Newcomers to the anime have likely heard of popular Studio Ghibli works like My neighbor Totoro or As if by magic, the latter having received the Oscar for best animated feature film. While Former mage bride is not a production of Ghibli, it evokes the spirit of one thanks to its beautiful animation and its rich history. The anime centers around a young girl named Chise Hatori who, after being rejected by her family and society, goes up for auction and is bought by a mysterious character named Elias Ainsworth who has a large skull for a head. By purchasing Chise, Alias ​​is revealed to be a magician and takes her to live with him in Britain, where she discovers the magical world and learns to overcome her own obstacles.

Hosted by Studio Wit, Former mage bride is a series in which magic serves as a backdrop to tell a very character-driven story. The show focuses on the mental aspect and motivations of each character and their purpose in the world. This is especially true for Chise, who questions her own self-esteem and worth. As the series progresses and Chise meets other characters over the course of the 24 episodes, viewers will fall in love with the world of magic, which goes beyond simply waving wands to fight. The show is available to stream on Crunchyroll.

Samurai Champloo


Genre: Action, Adventure, Samurai, Historical

Never heard of it Cowboy Bebop? Are you a fan of hip-hop inspired soundtracks? Samurai Champloo should be a great start for action fans and those who want a unique twist on a series that mixes elements of hip-hop and classic samurai movies.

Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe (who also directed the critically acclaimed film Cowboy Bebop), the series is set in Edo-era Japan (between 1608-1868) and focuses on Fuu, a dynamic and courageous 15-year-old girl who employs two wandering samurai named Mugen and Jin to help her search a samurai who “smells of sunflowers. Mugen is an assertive and brash wanderer of 19. Meanwhile, Jin is a 20-year-old ronin, which means he is a trained samurai with no master or dojo to serve.

The 26-episode series is very episodic in that each episode acts as a stand-alone adventure for the trio on a trip through Japan. However, the overall plot to find the Sunflower Samurai remains their central focus.

Samurai Champloo is unique in its ability to blend elements of Ed-era Japan with modern elements of hip-hop and society, including music and even the fighting ability of some characters. Historical elements of the functioning of Edo-era Japan are even included (at least to some extent). The show is available on multiple streaming platforms such as Hulu and Funimation.

Vinland Saga


Genre: Action, Adventure, Historical

Have you ever heard of the hit TV series Vikings? Fan of the epic poem Beowulf or its film adaptation? Vinland Saga worth watching for fans of either or those looking for a deep, character-driven narrative during a Nordic Saga timeline while being loosely based on historical figures. This saga follows Thorfinn, whose childhood experiences ultimately transform him into a battle-hardened teenager determined to take revenge. As Thorfinn continues his pursuit, he quickly becomes one of the most feared fighters on the battlefield. Meanwhile, amid the war between the Vikings and England, other characters leave the battlefield, which will impact the course of Thorfinn’s future.

Vinland Saga can be described in so many different ways. It has its share of epic, action-packed moments, but it’s the quiet moments and the dialogue between the characters where the show itself shines. Thorfinn may be the central protagonist of the series, but the strong development of the supporting characters in the series helps push the series beyond a simple action epic. The show consists of 24 episodes and is available exclusively on Amazon Prime. Season two was also recently announced and is currently in production.

Megalo box


Genre: Action, Drama, Sport

Created in homage to the popular boxing series known as Ashita no Joe, Megalo box takes place in a futuristic era of boxers, where fighters wear special mechanized gear known as Gears. These Gears, which are worn by boxers along the upper back and arms, make fights a lot deadlier and the punches deal a lot more damage. The series primarily focuses on a young man known only as “Junk Dog,” who seeks to rise above underground fights to become the best Megalo boxer. To this end, he takes the name “Joe” to move up the ranks.

While benefiting from a solid animation and boxing fights, Megalo box is more than just an outsider story. The series tackles various aspects of struggling for oneself and rising above one’s circumstances. Megalo box is a great series for sports fans who appreciate the deep stories behind the rise of athletes to the top, but it also has its place for fans who appreciate the strong central stories that go beyond the fighting ring. The series, which lasted 26 episodes in total, is available to stream on multiple sites including Crunchyroll, Netflix, Hulu, and Funimation (the second season airs exclusively on Funimation and Hulu).

Parasyte the Maximus


Image via Netflix

Genre: horror, psychological thriller

For fans of dark supernatural elements or horror, Parasyte the Maximus worth a look. The series centers on a high school student named Shinichi Izumi, who finds himself bonded to a special creature known as the parasite, a being that normally feeds on humans. The parasite, which was trapped in Shinichi’s arm, can act separately from Izumi with his intellect. Naming the parasite Migi (which means “just” in Japanese), Shinichi must survive against other parasites who seek to consume him and other humans with the help of Migi.

Parayste the Maximus is for fans who enjoy shows with horror elements, but also contains a lot of psychological elements. Parasyte, which lasts 24 episodes, explores a variety of psychological themes. From the idea of ​​what it means to be human or the aspect of morality between species, Parasyte manages to tie multiple elements together against a backdrop of powerful horror elements. Fans looking for something to keep them on edge who also appreciate a good story would be wise to give it a try. The series is available to stream on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

Good pretender

good pretender

Image via Netflix

Genre: Comedy, Crime

Fans of the much-vaunted Ocean’s trilogy film series? Good pretender could be what fans of similar movies or tv series should be looking for. An original animated film exclusive to Netflix, the series focuses on a young Japanese man named Makoto Edumura, a petty con artist who attracts the attention of a group of expert associates specializing in major heists. Catching the attention of group leader Laurent Thierry, Edumura finds himself working with a group of these expert crooks to carry out major heists against rich and powerful personalities.

Good pretender establishes a solid foundation with its jazz aesthetic and sense of style. The series consists of 23 episodes and consists of vibrant sets, character designs, and a stellar soundtrack. With twists and turns around every corner, Good pretender is a perfect series for those who enjoy the thrill of heist movies.

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