Best Campy Horror Games

horror games are known to many players for their scares and shocks, leading those who play them down spooky hallways in a haunted asylum or defeating horrible monsters that roam abandoned cities. However, some horrors take on new twists that can be intentionally comical or just plain over the top for the genre.

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These campy horror games are sure to scare while enlightening players by leaving them laughing or screaming in fear. These games are brilliant on their own and haven’t been considered too cheesy by gamers, unlike some titles that don’t intend to be funny but turn out that way, for better or for worse. worse.


ten Combine

When Combine released in 1996, the reviews it received weren’t too good, but some saw the charm behind it. As indicated by his name, Combine is filled with intense gore which, on many occasions, can feel a little overdone for gamers. Especially as the main character wakes up next to a skull and a spinal cord after his fiancée disappears, with almost no explanation, he must explore a nightmarish world in search of clues.

Players who have attempted the bloody adventure have praised it for being strange and unusual for which it is controversial. The game itself doesn’t take itself seriously either, as those who keep playing know it only gets stranger.

9 Chainsaw Lollipop

This hack-and-slash has so much more to offer players than a gory fest of murderous zombies, as the game is hilarious right from the start. Players control Juliet Starling, a teenage high school cheerleader, she is accompanied by Nick, her boyfriend’s decapitated head dangling from her waist.

Throughout the story, it’s not just witty banter between the two of them, but the hilarious mechanic to slap Nick’s head on a decapitated zombie, so he can control them and open the door. way to his girlfriend.

8 Evil Dead: Regeneration

Keeping the theme of hack-and-slash horrors with comedic sidekicks, Evil Dead: Regeneration takes a much-loved movie franchise and turns it into a much-loved video game. Taking part in an alternate universe where Ash has not been sent back in time, the chainsaw-wielding hero must save the world from being destroyed by the Deadites.

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Players will come into conflict as they wander around Ash Williams’ loyal immortal sidekick, Sam, who dies in countless comical ways while playing. Some are even caused by the player himself, as he has the freedom to literally push him into battle to brutally kill the enemy.

seven Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion

It’s not common for horror and cute to be used in the same sentence. Good, Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion does just that as players attempt to survive a thousand spooky jump rooms in this game with an adorable art style.

As the player progresses through the rooms, which begin with taming with laughable cardboard monsters, the cuteness begins to wear off as the monster begins to become real. Even the adorable ghost mascot, Spooky, takes a sinister turn as his true nature and that of the mansion are revealed.

6 deadly premonition

Earn the title of a cult classic, deadly premonition received popularity for its commonly described quirky plot. Many players felt confused when they were put in the shoes of FBI Special Agent Francis Morgan as he attempted to solve the murder of a woman, whose death is similar to countless others in across the country.

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However, the story gets stranger than that, as the mystery can’t be solved so simply in this open-world horror that leaves those who’ve experienced it with their mouths hanging open. deadly premonition itself feels like an intense thriller, with heaps of gore to send it further than anyone could imagine.

5 Shadows of the Damned

Although the story of Shadows of the Damned follows a Mexican demon hunter who must go to hell himself in the city of the damned to save his true love. This hack-and-slash has so much more to offer. The game has a great sense of humor that will make many gamers laugh through the challenging gameplay.

Aside from its humor, this pop culture obsessed horror’s only wish is for the player to have fun while playing it. Especially when defeating difficult bosses the player will encounter while exploring the underworld.

4 Red Dead Redemption: Nightmare of the Living Dead

Lit from the success of Red Dead Redemption, Undead Nightmare is a hilarious and interesting story of what would happen if the Wild West was overrun by zombies? Hitting all the tropes of a zombie movie in the most dramatic way possible, players know not to take this adventure seriously.

Players can once again meet their favorite characters from the original Red Dead to find out how they are surviving during this mysterious zombie outbreak. While riding one of the infamous horses of the apocalypse.

3 Doki Doki Literature Club

Hidden behind the disguise of an adorable visual novel, gamers at first glance may not even consider this high school adventure to be a horror game. However, the longer it is played, the stranger it becomes, as the dramatic and graphic visionary begins to bleed into the dialogue and characters.

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Turning into a psychological horror that breaks the fourth wall, calling the player himself until eventually prompted by the game to delete files from his current PC. All accompanied by the sparkling theme that will haunt the player’s thoughts for weeks.

2 House of the Dead: Overpower

Exaggerated is a rail shooter horror that fondly follows the defined genre of retro arcade games while being packed on the Nintendo Wii. Playing on a pre-determined path, which simply requires the player to drop balls to defeat horrible mutants, it can be picked up easily by beginners and experts alike.

Between the action and the bloodshed of wiping out all the mutants, the game’s excessive but hilarious use of one-liners is sure to make any player feel like an action hero in an old film.

1 Dead Rising 3

Just like previous releases in the franchise, Dead Rising 3 makes survival in a zombie apocalypse fun for a wide variety of players. Anything can be used as a weapon, whether it’s a bowling ball or a literal cardboard cutout, the dumber the better, and they can be combined to create even more fun weapons.

This entertaining story is filled with even dumber bosses, which can be not only exciting to fight, but also hilarious due to the way they interact with protagonist Nick during their intro cutscene.

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