Blissfield Butcher Mask and Dagger for sale at Trick or Treat Studios

Horror fans are currently living in the midst of a slasher renaissance with franchises like Halloween and Scream back in the bloody spotlight. However, one of the most original slashers to come out in the past couple of years has been the body-swap horror comedy. Weird realized by Christopher Landon and featuring Catherine Newton and Vince Vaughn. Now famed horror company Trick or Treat Studios is releasing the mask that the infamous Blissfield Butcher (Vaughn) wore in the movie along with the mystical La Dola Dagger.

The movie mask looked like what you would get if you horribly mix and match all the different iconic slasher killer masks like Michael Myers from HalloweenJason Voorhees from Friday 13and Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It has a very old and rustic spooky look that looks like Jason’s classic hockey mask if it were made of stone. The ritual aspect of the mask goes perfectly with the La Dola Dagger which is the weapon that Vaughn’s Butcher steals in the memorable opening scene before using it to attack Millie (Newton) later in the film. This is how the terrible friday hook, or should we say stab, film occurs. This sees the hilarious and ingenious story of a teenage girl swapping bodies with a serial killer. The dagger’s hypnotically gruesome skull hilt is perfectly captured by Trick or Treat Studios. Its unique design allowed this dagger to go hand in hand with Ghostface’s hunting knife, Jason’s machete, and Michael’s kitchen knife.


Weird was one of the few films of 2020 to be released in theaters despite the closure of many theaters due to the pandemic. Its box office suffered, but it has since gained a cult following due to its incredibly fun cast, brutal R-rated murders, excellent blend of horror and comedy, and wonderful homages to the slasher story found throughout its gleefully deranged plot. . The movie felt like a comeback for Vaughn as it helped cement both Newton and Landon as modern genre icons. Newton began his horror with the horror sequel written by Landon Paranormal activity 4a highly underrated gem of the genre, and Landon went on to helm another successful horror-comedy franchise, the happy day of the dead movies, before making Weird.

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Trick or Treat Studios was one of the first horror vendors on the market, especially when it came to their amazing selection of masks. They’ve already done an amazing job with masks from iconic genre classics like Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, Jaws, The Munsters, Goose bumps, Return of the Living Dead, Child’s playand modern hits like Jordan Peleit is Nope. It’s great to see Trick or Treat Studios continuing their great work with an underrated modern slasher like Weird.

You can pre-order the Blissfield Butcher Mask for $19.99 and the La Dola Dagger for $34.99 at Trick or Treat website now. They both have an expected ship date of September 12, just in time for Halloween. While we wait to add The Legend of the Butcher of Blissfield to our horror collections, you can stream Weird on HBO Max.

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