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Sources say comedian Bo Burnham filmed his most recent Netflix special, Inside, at the house that featured in the original A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Actor Bo burnhamthe most recent Netflix special from, Inside, was shot and filmed in the home of Wes Cravens’ horror classic, Freddy. After a 5-year hiatus from live-action comedy, Bo Burnham released the new special on Netflix earlier this year with an overwhelmingly positive reception. Filmed for a year during the Covid-19 pandemic, Inside sees Burnham produce a full-length comedy special, featuring a full soundtrack of new songs, all on his own (with the exception of some post-production work) within the confines of one room. The special was praised for comedians tackling topics such as depression and anxiety as well as for Burnham’s skill in making a play so technically impressive given the limitations of its setting.

The special felt like a natural highlight of Burnham’s talents, with the comedian / musician exploring new creative avenues during his break from stand-up. He directs his first feature film, Eigth year, in 2018, an honest observation of the relationship between today’s younger generation and their online identities, and it was featured in the Oscar-winning drama, Promising young woman last year, in which he played a key supporting role. The skills that Burnham acquired during this period are fully exhibited in Inside as the special relies entirely on Burnham’s engagement with the audience by speaking to the camera and features several 0f B-feature moments of Burnham installing lighting and camera fixtures to adapt the interior of his guesthouse to the very different segments of the special. It now appears, however, that the place was already home to a famous piece of movie history decades before Burnham began rolling cameras.

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According to Metro, Burnham filmed the special at the guesthouse at 1428 North Genesee Avenue, Los Angeles AKA the home that also served as the home of horror protagonist Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp) in the seminal Freddy. The detail arose when the Rue de l’Orme the house was recently listed for $ 3.25 million after being bought in 2013 for $ 2.1 million by 2019 film director Lorene Scafaria scammers and Burnham partner for 8 years. The two live together after starting dating in 2013, and it appears Burnham set up a makeshift recording studio in the guesthouse that also featured in the dying moments of his previous special, Make happy in 2016. The ironically idyllic three-bedroom property has remained largely unchanged from how it looked in 1984, with the major exception of the front door repainted from a striking blood red to a more subdued black.

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The house, which is named 1428 Elm Street in the film, was the setting for several iconic scenes from the 1984 classic, featuring teenage Nancy Thompson terrorized by sadistic nightmare Freddy Kruger, played by Robert Englund. Even casual horror fans are familiar with the famous scares taking place in the house 1428 North Genesee Avenue is dubbed for. These fears include Freddy trying to break through the wall in Nancy’s bedroom and drown her in his own tub.

Burnham’s special had previously drawn public attention to its claustrophobic tone, but one can’t help but think that a replay with this new information may bring a new sense of unease. While the list is sure to promote its connection to an important piece of horror story, it fails to mention its two famous occupants and his recent inclusion in Inside. One can only hope that anyone fortunate enough to purchase the home is not only aware of its cultural significance from almost 40 years ago, but also of the creativity it continues to inspire from our people. days.

Source: Metro

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