Center For Learning Unlimited Animation Professional Training Program Announces Brainstorm Productions and More

The Center for Learning Unlimited, a WASC-accredited, non-public day school in Torrance, CA, proudly celebrates the second intake of its Neurodiverse Adult Animation Professional Training Program.

Alongside the launch, CLU announces the appointment of an Entertainment Industry Advisory Board, along with film festival honors and a strong slate of projects for sister animation studio Brainstorm Productions, which commemorates one year of operation full time.

In addition to K-12 special education, CLU maintains a popular 3-year animation program for adults (18 and older) on the autism spectrum. Summer 2022 marks the completion of intensive 2D and 3D studies for six neurodiverse CLU students.

The CLU Class of 2022 includes Kobe Aceves, Noemi Hernandez, Ramon Gonzalez, Brian Menjivar, Eric Thompson, and Joshua Jo. All are recently certified Autodesk Maya CGI software artists.

Each aforementioned apprentice author has a resume with crew positions on the short film “The Cursed Sketchbook”, a 5-minute horror comedy that premiered in March 2022 at an invitation-only big screen event. at Rancho Palos Verdes. Graduates also have credit on the CLU 2021 short film “What To Do With Your Tabloid News,” a light-hearted explainer video that uses origami, stop motion animation, and CGI to educate and entertain. ‘News’ – an Official Selection of the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge (in association with the Bentonville Film Festival) – won Best SUPER Short Film at the 2021 LOGIHQ International HAPPINESS Film Fest and was a finalist at the 2021 Los Angeles Animation Film Festival ( LAAF).

“CLU and Brainstorm Productions are made up of the most dedicated, original, imaginative and inventive artists in show business!” says Walter Santucci, member of the advisory board and specialist in impactful animation. “I’m proud to have been a consultant on ‘The Cursed Sketchbook’. The crew did a wonderful job!”

United in enthusiasm on the pro bono advisory board are accomplished veteran producers/directors/writers Kathleen Davison, Matty Rich and Marlene Sharp. CLU and Brainstorm Founder/Executive Director Ginny Erxleben and Animation Program Coordinator Sylvia Owens round out the cabinet.

Brainstorm Productions has a distinct mission: to be that bridge between school enrollment and paid roles within third-party players, such as Disney, Netflix, Electronic Arts and other entities large and small. Brainstorm Productions presents paid employment opportunities for CLU animation degree holders.

Over the past year, and in addition to “The Cursed Sketchbook,” Brainstorm has completed the official poster for New York-based Rock Autism’s first “Setlist” at the Hotel Café in Hollywood, as well as illustrations and animations for the children’s book “The Secret Life”. of Saba’ by Jane Kusch. Next up: “Willow’s Tale” multimedia package – including two animated shorts – for author Linda Malik! Look for the metaphorical Brainstorm imprint at Malik’s CatCon Fall 2022 booth in Pasadena. Please be alert in your inbox for the new Brainstorm monthly newsletter, featuring creative, business and educational updates.

CLU Founder and Executive Director, Virginia Erxleben, EdD, BCET, is optimistic about the prospects for new animation professionals. She says, “Brainstorm is a catapult for these unconventional content creators. We hope to engage with the entertainment industry on many fronts to provide meaningful employment within an underserved community. Our students are too talented to not contributing to their chosen field! Let’s change the narrative from 85% unemployment to 85% employment among the neurodiverse population. Brainstorm Productions is a big step in that direction.”

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