Charli D’Amelio in Rings Director’s Horror Movie ‘Home School’

social media star Charli D’Amelio is set to debut in the horror genre with an upcoming film home schooldirected by F. Javier Gutierrez (Rings).

Deadline is reporting on the film this afternoon, calling it a supernatural thriller.

“D’Amelio will play Mira, a 17-year-old who moves to another town to live with her aunt after her mother dies. After arriving in what seems like the all-too-perfect town, Mira soon discovers that the death of his mother and his own future are supernaturally linked.

home school comes from Ryan Kavanaugh’s Proxima Media, and Deadline notes that Proxima’s plan is a potential EIGHT FILMS FRANCHISE starring Charli D’Amelio.

“As soon as I read home school, I knew it was for me. I connected with the character, Mira, the story, the script and the crew. I knew if I was going to do a movie, it had to be something fun and edgy and fresh,” said Charli D’Amelio. “While the role will definitely be challenging and push me to learn how to play and become Mira, it’s a fun ride and meant to be fun to do and fun to watch. I also wanted to make sure I surrounded myself with a beautiful team.

“We’ve been developing this project for a few years to bring something new and exciting to the screen,” Kavanaugh added. “Having Javier direct and Charli star is the perfect package. We go for ‘The Sixth Sense’ meets ‘Get Out.’

Casey Giltner wrote home school.

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