Chicago-based artist Leol’s new single titled “Type” is finally out!


Groove and transcendent music has evolved over the past few years. Many enemies might say that most of them are presets, but they have caught the attention of many music lovers. And guess what? Freelance artists produce such types and are duly recognized for their work. One of these artists is Leol, based in Chicago. Leol didn’t produce many albums, but every song went viral on social media platforms. To define them in a nutshell, they are quite “aesthetic”.

Recently, Leol released his latest track, “Type” and we’re dancing on it. But before we discuss the song, let’s briefly take a look at Leol’s profile.

Who is Léol?

Leol is a music video and record maker based in Chicago, Illinois. His music is melancholy and dreamy, with themes of love and obsession, and listeners are treated to a mix of seductive and honest lyrics.

On weekends, he enjoys playing survival horror games such as Left 4 Dead, Alien Isolation, and Dead by Daylight.

Producer Leol knows how to grab your attention with his music, whether it’s an artistic soul vibe or an epic cinematic groove.

The musical genius has all it takes to be successful in the music industry. So far, over 100,000 Spotify Coins have been amassed by Leol’s first track, “Call Now”.

Following his debut album “Ghosthours”, which portrayed dark and intriguing emotions combined with emotional songs about his wife’s love, he became an overnight sensation.

Léol and his song “Trap”:

When it comes to seducing women with big-ticket items, “Guy” catches the mind of pampering and wooing them. Its dark emotions and beautiful harmonies captivate listeners.

Known for his unique sound, Leol mixes trap and drums to produce his own lyrical, dramatic and moving sound signature.

A trap percussion rhythm and a moving melody combine in “Type”, which introduces the notion of giving women fashionable and expensive gifts as a treat.

Where to find Léol?

You can find Leol on his social media platforms and listen to his albums on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music and Soundcloud.

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