Creepypasta’s Scary Stories That Need Movie Adaptations

Creepypasta has been around since around 2008, and the term is defined as paranormal and “scary” horror fiction. Although it has been around for 23 years, the only notable presence of creepypasta in mainstream media is that of Sylvain White. Slender man, which was released in 2008 – 10 years after creepypasta was first introduced.

Other notable creepypasta tales have inspired novels and short films, but nothing concrete in terms of feature film narratives. Even the most well-known creepypasta have been confined to the internet, which has missed opportunities to please large audiences. Here are just a handful of creepypasta entrees worth following in. Slender manthe steps of.

Smile Dog delivers a haunted tale

The exact origin of Dog smile (also known as smile.jpg) is unknown, but rumors have it that it first appeared on the anonymous image-based bulletin board website known as “4chan” in 2008. According to legend, an allegedly haunted image (pictured above) has gained a reputation for driving those who see it crazy.

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Reinventing the Dog smile legend as a feature film might yield similar results as a result of The Exorcist (1973). Members of the audience passed out and cried during the film, according to news reports. If flying threads and fears of cheap jumps can terrify an entire generation, it seems plausible for one. Dog smile the film adaptation to be very popular, especially since its premise is so far-fetched it has to be true.

BEN Drowned involves a cartridge of haunted legend of Zelda


Besides Slender Man, the twisted story of Ben drowned is perhaps the most famous creepypasta of all. It was created by Alex Hall, also known as “Jadusable”, and revolves around the Nintendo 2000 video game, The Legend of Zelda: The Mask of Majora.

As the story unfolds, Jadusable is plagued in a single week by the presence of a seemingly omniscient being called BEN after acquiring a haunted Nintendo 64 video game cartridge from Majora’s Mask. A mysterious cult known as the Moon Children, who worshiped the Moon through human sacrifice, had murdered BEN by drowning him. Presumably, BEN is a tortured soul trapped inside the Majora’s Mask cartridge. First of all, Ben drowned is expected to receive a film adaptation – or even a feature film trilogy – based purely on the depth of its script. There is so much to unwrap in the three-part web series that it could effortlessly cover hours of digital content.

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Jeff the Killer sheds light on fictional serial killer

Tied with Slender man and Ben drowned, Jeff the killer is an iconic creepypasta who focuses on his titular villainous character, a teenager who loses his sanity and becomes a serial killer to satisfy his murderous cravings. From what is known about Jeff, he was disfigured after being set on fire by a gang of thugs. It is said that Jeff’s mind broke shortly thereafter. He stabbed his parents to death, and the commotion woke up his brother, Liu. As Jeff was about to ram the knife into his body, he uttered his memorable phrase: “Go to sleep.”

Almost every horror movie in existence features a serial killer, so portraying Jeff The Killer wouldn’t be more absurd than bringing the Joker to life, which has proven to be an extremely demanding and globally successful feat. .

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The inexpression brings the chills

Located in June 1972, The expressionless refers to a woman who appeared at Cedar Senai Hospital wearing nothing but a white coat covered in blood. She looked like an inanimate object like a mannequin but possessed the dexterity and fluidity of a human being. She had a kitten clenched in her jaws. She pulled it out, threw it aside and collapsed. After a few attempts at treatment, she fights against the nursing staff each time. When the doctor arrived, he tried to sedate her.

She smiled, but her teeth weren’t human but something more demonic. The doctor screamed and asked, “What are you?” She replied, “I … am … God.” The only survivor of the incident, a female doctor, remembers the last sighting as she watched the unnamed woman feast on the security guards one by one. She nicknamed it “The inexpression”.

If horror enthusiasts want a story to bite into, The expressionless would provide a lot of scares and chills if it ever made it into a feature film script.

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Sonic.EXE combines horror and a video game icon


Sonic.EXE ruined the childhood of all who encountered its bloody history. Based on a modified screenshot of the character, Sonic.EXE is a supernatural entity taking the form of Sonic the Hedgehog that sends out a haunted game disc featuring the creature killing Sonic’s main characters. By attending the pre-programmed gameplay, it seals the player’s fate, ultimately leading Sonic.EXE to rip the soul of its victim and make them its slave.

Nothing is more disturbing than SEGA’s face turning into a soul sucking demon. While Sonic.EXE will most definitely have to be rated R (for obvious reasons), the concept could unite Sonic The Hedgehog fans and horror enthusiasts alike.

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The Russian sleep experience is a well-known story

The Russian sleep experience has become the basis of countless novels and short stories and is considered by some to be the greatest creepypasta story of all time. It tells the story of five test subjects exposed to an experimental sleep-inhibiting stimulant in a Soviet-era science experiment, the results of which are comparable to those of cannibals or Wendigos.

If the interactive video game from Supermassive Games, Until dawn, can feature human-like creatures with an insatiable hunger for human flesh, just like any self-respecting film production company. With such a formidable reputation, it would be a waste of potential not to make the most of this disturbing story.

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