Cult Classic Film Finally Gets a Creator-Approved Sequel


Tom Holland, the writer / director of Fright Night in 1988, revisits the franchise and gives the film a canonical sequel in comic book form.

The classic cult film Night of dread Finally gets a proper sequel in the form of a comic book follow-up led by original film writer / director Tom Holland (not that one). The series, from publisher American Mythology Productions, would pick up the story a year after the original film.

Released in 1985, Night of dread was Holland’s original idea and followed teenage Charley Brewster, a horror movie obsessive who learns his neighbor, Jerry Dandrige, is a vampire. With no other option, Charley must take matters into his own hands to defeat this vampiric menace, enlisting the help of horror movie host / vampire hunter Peter Vincent to help save the day. Horror / comedy has gained some cult following over the years, and while there was already a Night of dread 2 released in 1988 – as well as a 2011 remake with Colin Farrell and the late Anton Yelchin – Holland did not return for any of those projects. But now Holland is giving fans an official, canonical sequel to the original film in comic book form.

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According to a report from GamesRadar, the survivors of the first film will continue their vampire hunting adventures, and the entire project is being overseen by Holland himself, giving fans the appropriate sequel they never knew they needed. GamesRadar reports that Holland considers this to be the one and only true sequel to the original film. The series, which begins on November 24, will be written by James Kuhoric and will be presented by Cyrus Mesarcia.

This is actually not the first time that the world has Night of dread graced the pages of comics. From 1988 to 1990, Now Comics published a Night of dread series which also promoted the adventures of Charley and Peter. These books are hard to find now – even on digital platforms – so this next version may be just what you need to cross out any Night of dread fan cartoon itch.

Night of dread met moderate critical and commercial success when it was released nearly four decades ago, and has since developed some fandom. And while he never got the real movie sequel he probably deserved, creator Tom Holland and American Mythology Productions are bringing Night of dread fans the next best thing.

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Source: GamesRadar

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