Dashcam trailer reveals new horror movie from director of terrifying Host


Dash Cam is an overview of a publisher’s journey in solving a crime behind his computer. The film, which has dropped its official trailer, is a terrifying look at uncovering the truth and the toll it can have on those behind the scenes, especially when it comes to something thrown in. their plate without their knowledge.

From the director and screenwriter Christian nilsson and featuring Eric Tabach and gender icon Larry Fessenden, Dash Cam releases October 19 and wants to prepare you for the spooky season.

Dash Cam this trailer feels like it’s in the same vein as things like Without friend Where The conversation, two technology-based films and the film was inspired by Francis Ford Coppolathe movie starring Gene Hackman but with a modern twist. And the trailer does a perfect job of exploring the technology we have, the use of dashcam footage, as well as applying it to our current cultural conversation.


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The film follows Jake (Tabach) and his journey to uncover the truth about the murder of a police officer while balancing it all with his own career goals.

After the terrible success of Host, the trailer for Dashman does a terrific job teasing another horror experience worth staying awake at night.

Dash Cam releases October 19.

You can find out more about Dash Cam here:

Inspired by Antonioni’s Blow-Up, Brian De Palma’s Blow Out and Francis Ford Coppola’s The Conversation, Dashcam is a mind-boggling psychological thriller that follows Jake (Eric Tabach, “Blue Bloods”), a shy video editor of a channel local news agency who fantasizes about becoming a journalist. While editing an article about a routine traffic stop that resulted in the death of a police officer and a major politician (Larry Fessenden, Dementer, Jakob’s Wife), Jake inadvertently receives dashcam video evidence which tells of a completely different story. Working alone from his tiny apartment in New York City, Jake uses his skills as an editor to analyze the footage and piece together the truth behind what really happened. Has Jake discovered a plot he can break on the morning news? Or does he see things that are not really there?

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