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Although he didn’t end up in the movie, Nathan Fillion auditioned for a major role in the 2004 Dawn Of The Dead remake. Here’s who he could’ve played.

Here’s the role Nathan Fillion auditioned for in 2004 Dawn of the Dead remake. that of George Romero Dawn of the Dead remains a classic in the horror genre, and follows a group of survivors who take refuge in a mall after a zombie plague sweeps the planet. It has a sharp satire to go along with its shocking gore and constant acting, and it’s arguably the best of Romero’s zombie movies. Few fans of the film expected the 2004 remake of a first-time director named Zack Snyder to be very good when it was announced.

Against all odds, not only was it a blast, but it’s also considered its own horror classic. by Snyder Dawn of the Dead only took the basic concept of the original and increased the action and intensity. The film was a surprise success and for many it is still considered Zack Snyder’s best film. The director recently returned to the genre with Netflix Army of the dead, which has nothing to do with its remake and instead follows a team of mercenaries who pull off a heist in a zombie infested Vegas.

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As well as being Zack Snyder’s first directing effort, the script for the film was also written by future Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn. In 2006, Gunn made his own directorial debut with a cult horror comedy To glide, about a city infested with alien slugs that can invade human bodies. The film starred Nathan Fillion, and during Slither’s DVD audio commentary, the actor revealed he auditioned for a role in Dawn of the Dead, before joking “They said they wanted someone to be more of a young blonde woman“, referring to Sarah Polley’s main character Ana. The role Fillion actually auditioned for was Ana’s love interest Michael.

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Jake Weber ended up playing Michael in Dawn of the Dead, who seeks refuge in the mall alongside Ana and Ving Rhames’ cop, Kenneth. Michael is portrayed as balanced and always tries to do the right thing, even when it puts his own life in danger. That said, the character is a little too narrow and bland at times, so maybe if Nathan Fillion had taken on the role he could have injected a little humor into it.

Fillion had played in Firefly before Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead and had already acquired a fan base. Neither the actor nor Snyder explained why he was ignored for the role, although it is possible that the director felt that Nathan Fillion’s acting style would not match the tone he was looking for. James Gunn visibly saw the potential of the leading man in him and quickly introduced him as Slither’s lead.

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