DBD Mid-22.5 Release Date & Skins Leaked

the Death by the light of day the mid-chapter 22.5 PTB release date has been leaked and there are plenty of new skins for the DBD community to anticipate.

Death by the light of day fans can enjoy The Artist saga since November. This provided us with a whole new original Killer and Survivor, with the next licensed episode coming from the classic J-horror, Ringu.

While we can’t wait for the J-horror DLC to arrive, there’s still a lot to look forward to for January.

Dead in the light of day | Ringu trailer



Dead in the light of day | Ringu trailer






What is the Dead By Daylight release date in the middle of Chapter 22.5?

The release date on which the DBD The mid-chapter update 22.5 will be released on January 25.

However, before that, Death by the light of day PC fans will be able to enjoy a PTB preview on January 4. None of these dates have been confirmed by Interactive Behavior, but they are taken from generally reliable data. DBD leaks on Twitter.

We will update this article when an announcement is made from Interactive behavior.

DBD skins chapter 22.5

There are skins and recolorations with DBD mid-chapter 22.5 for the following killers and survivors:

  • Feng Min – January 25
  • Meg Thomas – January 25
  • Yui Kimura – January 27
  • Jake Park – January 27
  • Kate Denson – February 10
  • Dwight Fairfield – February 10
  • Hunter (Ultra Rare / Legendary) – February 10
  • Trickster (Ultra Rare / Legendary) – February 10
  • David King – February 10

There will also be recolorations. new outfits and unique pieces for the following characters:

  • Nea karlsson
  • Pork
  • Felix
  • David Tapp
  • Hillbilly
  • Kate denson
  • Elodie Rakoto
  • David king
  • Scourge
  • Death slinger
  • Jake Park
  • Doctor

When is Ringu going out?

There is no release date for when Death by the light of day X Ringu chapter 23 will be released but it is scheduled for March.

Since new chapters and updates almost always come out on a Tuesday, it is likely that the Ringu The DLC will arrive on March 1, 8, 15, 22 or 29.

It’s just as exciting as the resident Evil and Hellraiser episodes, and we can’t wait to see what Interactive behavior will have with Sadako.

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