Dreadful horror film soars to the Netflix charts


We’ve officially entered a spooky season, with a wave of horror titles already starting to climb the viewer rankings on all major streaming services. Fans will be checking out anything with even the slightest hint of blood and guts in the buildup until Halloween no matter how good it is, so we can expect some stinkers to find a new lease of life over the weeks. future.

One of them already has, with the terrible Wax house retreads regularly encroaching on Netflix’s Top 20 list, according to FlixPatrol. The 2005 remake of the 1953 original, itself based on a 1933 film, went bankrupt the second it got the nod, and it’s about as uninspired as one could possibly get. to expect given these origins.


You can tell from the first second that this is a mid-2000s studio horror film; Not only does the soundtrack include My Chemical Romance, Disturbed, Deftones, and Har Mar Superstar, but Paris Hilton gets a supporting role because she was hugely popular at the time, and certainly not as a byproduct of her acting abilities. ‘actress.

First-time director Jaume Collet-Serra has moved on to much bigger and better things, but at least Wax house stepped in the door. Although he was also dismissed by fans and critics sixteen years ago, the teen slasher has had a spooky season seeing an unexpected resurgence as the world’s most popular streamer.

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