Elisha Cuthbert Revisits Horror Roles Including ‘House of Wax’

Elisha Cuthbert returns to the horror genre in the all-new Shudder Original The cavewhich is now available to stream exclusively on the Shudder streaming service right now.

Before The cavefrom, Bloody Disgusting’s The Boo Crew Podcast sat down with Elisha Cuthbert to reflect on some of his past roles in the horror genre.

For starters, Cuthbert told The Boo Crew that his first experience with the horror genre was in 1993. fire in the skywhich made quite an impression on a young Cuthbert.

“I was thirteen and it was one of the first sleepovers I had as a kid…this movie was fire in the sky. I mean, I thought I was going to be abducted by aliens for about five years. I thought that the light, that the fire was going to come and take my ass in space. I thought I was going to have needles in my eyes. This movie was ridiculous. Anything that starts with “Based on a true story”…at 13 my imagination…it just blew my mind. I was traumatized for a while. So it was the first one that really impressed me. And then I was kind of scared for a while to venture out to see other horror movies for a long, long time. But it also sparked this curiosity with everyone in science fiction. To this day, I love sci-fi movies. The idea of ​​what exists.

A few years later, Elisha Cuthbert left his mark on the horror genre…

Are you scared of the dark?

“It was so much fun. It was like a kids’ camp. What we would do is, because we were in the intro and outro of all the stories, we were able to condense all the intros and outros in a period of two weeks. And we just hunkered down in this studio that was made to look like a forest… everything was man-made. And the fire itself was a little pyrotechnic thing that they could kind of on and off, and on again. So there was a lot of television magic in there. As actors, we really felt like these children of society. We were just as excited and obsessed with the stories we were going to tell. We were all laughing and having a good time. Probably working way more than we should have [laughs]. Probably a lot of overtime for child actors. But we had a blast. I have such fond memories of it.”

“And then we did a Are you scared of the dark? movie which was really cool too. We really felt like we were grown up. Yeah. It was cool. I was a big fan before I got on the show, so being on the show afterwards was just a thrill. I just wanted to do a good job and not get fired. I liked it. I couldn’t believe I was there doing it. It was so much fun.”

Jaume Collet-Serra 'House of Wax' 2005 wipes his bloody oils on Vincent Price's cape! [Revenge of the Remakes]

wax house

“Man, intense days. Really intense days. And we couldn’t figure out how to do the lip collage without making it ridiculous. I had to be tense and fighting for my life, but I had to find a way to keep my mouth shut. So it just wasn’t working and I finally said to the prop guys, ‘Just take the glue. Just take real glue. So we ended up really sticking my lips together – not with crazy glue, but with something very similar. So I couldn’t separate them. There really wasn’t any other way to do it, without it looking silly. So we got down to it. »

“I tell you, that movie was so rock star. I have to say, the budget and obviously that standard Joel Silver…it was so epic on so many levels. With every scene and setting, the walls were really soft and melting and we were on fire… we were really running through the mud. I don’t know what it was, but we were really into it and we were doing it. And this whole town was built in Australia for I don’t even know how much money. But it was a real legitimate city that was built in wax. The facade itself. I could not believe it. It was one of the most incredible sets I have ever seen. We had extras that were done for hours in wax faces…just incredible artistry and skill that went into making this movie. Like nothing I’ve ever done before. And since. It was epic.

The Captivity of Elisha Cuthbert


” It was hard. I got into it with Roland [Joffé] and we got on really well. We had such a vision of the film. And it really got an overhaul once filming was done. It was more of a psychological thriller to begin with…it wasn’t so gory at first, in its first form. And so, afterwards, at that time Seen was out. It was a huge success. I think when ours kind of finished production and went into editing, Lionsgate took a look at it and thought, “This might not work the way we want it to.” And I think we should up the ante a bit. And bring it to this kind of Seen level.’ So we ended up getting a massive rewrite of the script. And we ended up coming back from Russia to film it and shoot another 30 pages in Los Angeles.

“For me, there are great moments in the film, but it was really difficult because it was like two separate films that crashed. I think people can feel there was a mashup there that Maybe didn’t go the way it should have. It just wasn’t what I originally signed. It was tough. But Roland is amazing. It was still an interesting experience for me. me.

You can listen to The Boo Crew’s full chat with Elisha Cuthbert below.

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