Every Conjuring Movie Starring Aries Disciples

The Disciples Of The Ram is a sinister cult that has appeared throughout The Conjuring franchise, and here are all of the entries they’ve appeared in.

How many movies in Conspiracy has the cult franchise The Disciples Of The Ram appeared so far? James Wan seems to have a knack for creating long-running horror franchises. While Seen was conceived as a one-off thriller, its surprise success and iconic villain led to a series that spawned eight more entries. His low-budget Blumhouse horror film Insidious also became an unexpected success, with a fifth film currently in development, while Wan returns to the director’s chair for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Its biggest horror franchise to date is easily Conspiracy film series, which includes three main entries and many spinoffs. the original Conjuring was based on a case of Ed and Lorraine Warren (played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga respectively) and the film showcased Wan’s talent for slow-burning suspense combined with shocking jump scares. Wan returned to directing The Conjuring 2while the franchise received offshoots such as the nun Where The Curse of La Llorona.


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The eight films that make up Conspiracy The franchise has earned a combined total of over $2 billion, making it the most successful horror movie franchise in history. The series has been smart about how it has expanded, with spinoffs often focusing on the origins of its villains such as annabelle Where that of the nun Valak. While not quite the equivalent of the MCU’s HYDRA, Conspiracy The series has its own human villains with The Disciples of the Ram, a cult that’s only really played a part in two entries so far.

The conjuration: the devil made me do it

The first is annabellethe second entry in Conspiracy universe that explored the titular doll’s backstory. As the film opens, a teenage girl named Annabelle and her boyfriend murder her parents and then attack their neighbors, the Forms. The couple were brutally attacked but survived the ordeal and later learned that Annabelle and her partner were part of the satanic Disciples of the Ram cult. Besides spreading general chaos, the cult aims to summon evil spirits into the world.

The conjuration: the devil made me do it is the eighth entry in the series and reveals a bit more about the Disciples of Aries. The sequel – set in 1981 in Conspiracy timeline – sees the Warrens investigate a case of supposed demonic possession, and looking into a witch’s totem found under a house leads them to Father Kastner. This priest helped bring down the Disciples of Aries years earlier. This led to a trial where the prosecutor’s wife then gave birth to a stillborn baby whose heart was outside the body, which was the cult’s revenge. As the cult has seemingly been destroyed, it is revealed that Kastner’s daughter, Isla, has become obsessed with the Disciples of Aries, eventually becoming an occultist and setting the sequel’s demonic plot in motion. It is unclear if the cult will return for the future Conjuring movies, though they have the potential to become the main human antagonists of the series.

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