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The Halloween town is one of Disney’s most popular children’s horror comedy franchises, but how do the films rank against each other? Halloween is on its way, and for many readers, the holiday brings a nostalgic reminder of the Halloween town franchise. From 1998 with the director (and oddly a frequent collaborator of David Lynch) Disney Channel Original Movie by Duwayne Dunham Halloween town, the Halloween town the series grew over the previous decade to include a trio of sequels. Sadly, all of those follow-ups failed to deliver on the original film’s promise.

The original Halloween town was a big hit with young viewers and came at the perfect time for Disney, with children’s horror media being a massively profitable trend in the ’90s. Goose bumps Creator RL Stine’s many film adaptations meant the House of the Mouse was bound to profit from the trend, and Halloween townThe wacky charms of ‘have balanced the campy fun and the occasional scares without alienating young viewers. However, as the series progressed, the novelty of Halloween town faded, and by the debut of the final film in 2006, the children’s horror subgenre was no longer the commercial giant it had once been.

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However, the waning popularity of children’s horror wasn’t enough to stop young viewers from liking. Halloween townthe first sequence of, Halloweentown 2: Kalabar’s Revenge. This movie brought back the titular villain from the first movie for more spooky shenanigans while the second sequel, Halloween High Town, shifted the focus of the series to the eponymous high school. Making the third movie a high school horror comedy was a wise move, but sadly, Return to HalloweentownThe decision to recast the heroine Marnie was a bridge too far for many viewers. Unlike other redesign controversies, such as George Miller recasting Charlize Theron’s Furiosa, Disney never gave a reason for this choice, leaving many fans in dismay. here are the Halloween town films rated from worst to best.

Return to Halloweentown


years 2006 Return to Halloweentown Was never going to have the ease of winning over fans, but the series’ final sequel didn’t do itself a favor by adding a complicated, convoluted plot to a franchise that thrived on simplicity. Where previous films stuck to simple stories, Return to Halloweentown brought a time lag in her story of Marnie (Sara Paxton) going to Witch College in the titular borough. Not only is the heroine unable to use her powers in this institution, but she also quickly finds herself embroiled in a gnarly and time-consuming story that ultimately sees Paxton playing an aging version of Debbie Reynolds’ lovable grandmother, Agatha Cromwell. , alongside Marnie herself. . This sequel from 2006 manages to derive pleasure from Return to Halloweentown magical school setting, but it is a territory best explored in Harry Potter ‘ and the camper Vampire diaryspin off Heritage, where the schools of witches and wizards give rise to more memorable moments than those found in this sequel.

Meanwhile, the bewildering choice of centering the sequel’s action around Marnie traveling down memory lane and meeting another character played by the same actor is too odd for the franchise to be successful, and the action drags on due to this. strange choice. With such a confusing central storyline, there is little onscreen time for the fun and silly subplots that made previous films in the series shine, and Return to Halloweentown Sadly proves that the last thing a Disney Channel sequel needs is a complicated storyline that takes up a large chunk of the movie’s runtime. Add to that the impenetrable decision to recast Halloween Town ”the original Marnie actor for this outing and viewers are left with a film primarily known for its poor reception.

Halloween High Town

high halloween

Released in 2004, Halloween High Town made the savvy decision to move the show’s action to the city’s high school and allowed the franchise to move into teen comedy territory as a result. The new setting makes some fun sight gags easier, but ultimately Halloween Upper Town suffers from the same problem as most Disney Channel outings in high school. Namely, the pre-teen target audience keeps the humor of this sequel too innocuous and safe for older kids to enjoy, while very young viewers will be put off by the fact that most of the cast are well into their teens. . As a result, the target audience is unclear on this sequel, and while there are inspirational moments here and there, viewers entering Halloween High Town expecting a horror comedy rated PG as The simpsons‘The’ Treehouse of Horror ‘specials will be a big disappointment. This one strictly interests the little ones despite its aging frame and can even disappoint them.

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Halloween town

The original Halloween town remains the most famous of the franchise and for good reason. Screen veteran Debbie Reynolds is a campy delight as the wizarding grandmother of three adventurous children who travel to the spooky town, and the setting is imaginatively done with plenty of fun gags and clever riffs on famous movie monsters. That said, the plot is thin as paper, the acting is uneven, and after a replay, Halloween town is noticeably cheaper than its first two sequels, both of which likely got a bigger budget thanks to the film’s unexpected success.

There is still something to love Halloween town, including some surprisingly effective spooky moments that can go hand in hand with Goose bumps in terms of significant jumps for children. While this is one of Disney’s best Halloween horror deals, Halloween town is more uneven and limited in ambition than many viewers remember, and the limits of the film’s scope make it a lesser release than its top sequel. Without the sardonic sarcastic edge of Hocus pocus, Halloween town isn’t quite Disney at its scariest strength. It’s a solid setup for the best movie in the series, though.

Halloweentown 2: Kalabar’s Revenge

Halloweentown II: Vengeance of Kalabar Kal Begins Revenge Plot

Released three years after the success of the first film in the series, Halloweentown 2: Kalabar’s Revenge brought back the cast of the original film as well as its memorable titular villain. No longer trying to pass himself off as a sickening good guy, Kalabar (Robin Thomas) is free to be a hard-hitting, over-the-top, but undeniably effective antagonist in this stronger, higher-stakes sequel, increased role Reynolds plays. in procedures, and quite improves on the already solid original. Like other ghoulish children’s comedy franchises The Addams Family, this sequel ranks as the strongest in the series and turns out to be a rare sequel that outshines the franchise’s first film. The humor is more awkward, the plot is less predictable, and the pace is faster in Halloweentown 2: Kalabar’s Revenge, the best Halloween town film in the series so far.

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