Every George Romero Movie To Stream, Ranked

George Andrew Romero was an American-Canadian filmmaker, editor, and writer who has been called the “father of zombie film” and a horror icon due to his work in the horror genre. Known as an influential pioneer in all things spooky and unsightly, he had worked on more than 20 films before his death in 2017. Today, his most popular works include his six zombie-centric films: night of the living dead (1968), dawn of the dead (1978), The day of the Dead (1985), land of the dead (2005), Diary of the dead (2007), and Survival of the Dead (2009).

This month, quiveroffers an excellent selection of George Romero movies available for streaming. They include some of its most popular titles as well as some underrated ones. With summer more than halfway through and fall and Halloween just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to sit back, relax, and enjoy a horror classic or two. With that in mind, here are all of the George Romero movies on Shudder, ranked.

8 season of the witch

season of the witch tells the story of a bored housewife, Joan Mitchell (Jan White), unhappy with her life. After hearing about a new woman in town who is rumored to dabble in witchcraft, Joan and her friends pay a nightly visit to this mysterious woman, Marion Hamilton (Virginia Greenwald). There, they discover that Marion is the leader of a secret clan of witches. A series of bizarre events lead Joan down a dark and ambiguous path in this highly psychedelic and unique psychological horror film with the most feminist undertones of Romero’s career.

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seven The monkey shines

In the morbid and bizarre The monkey shines also known as Monkey Shines: an experience in fear, Ella, a “well behaved” monkey, becomes the companion of Allan (Jason Beghe), who is quadriplegic after a horrific traffic accident. Unknown to Allan, Ella is a research monkey and has undergone treatments to boost her intelligence. As Allan begins to feel unhappy and resentful of his new way of life, Ella quickly adapts her emotions and unleashes her rage by committing a series of murderous acts.

6 Crazypeople

With a name like Crazypeople, you know you’re on a wild ride. This 1973 horror/mystery/thriller film follows the story of a town infected with a deadly and highly contagious virus codenamed “Trixie”. After an army plane carrying a bio-weapon crashes near the city and infects the water supply, the citizens soon either die or go hysterical and murderously mad. What happens next? The city literally goes mad, hence the title of the film and the army arrives to try to take control of the situation. Do they? Or are they going mad themselves? Discover at George Romero Crazypeoplewhich was redone surprisingly well in 2010.

5 horror show

horror show is a 1982 comedy-horror anthology that combines five bizarre tales written by horror master Stephen King (who also stars in one): Father’s Day, The Lonely Death of Jordy Verrill, Something to tide you over, The cash register, and They laugh at you! all combine into one horrifyingly good moment of a movie. As each short story is unique and gruesome in its own way, you’re sure to be entertained or horrified (depending on your preference) until the very end. Experience George Romero’s chilling masterpiece (and a recent TV series adaptation) streaming only on Shudder.

4 The amusement park

Amusement parks are meant to be fun, family vacation destinations where dreams come true. However, George Romero’s amusement park The amusement park is a little different. According ABC News, the film was originally commissioned by the Lutheran Service Society and was meant to be an hour-long educational film about the plight of the elderly. However, Romero stepped in and made the film his own, thus failing to impress the Lutherans.

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The final product feels like both a documentary and a home video, a home video from hell, which follows an elderly man who has a horrible day at a seemingly “normal” amusement park. Considered a “lost film” for decades, Shudder found and restored it, bringing the world a first-hand experience of one of the world’s greatest filmmakers.

3 land of the dead

“The world as we know it no longer exists. The land of the living has become the land of the dead. The fourth film in George Romero’s legendary undead franchise, 20 years later The day of the Dead, land of the dead follows a group of human survivors who have formed an outpost safe zone in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, the dead never rest and eventually discover this sanctuary city with one mission in mind: to kill and feast. Romero improves on the sociopolitical commentary of his earlier films and crafts nasty, nasty political satire.

2 The day of the Dead

It’s everyone’s “favorite” day, the Day of the Dead! At George Romero’s The day of the Dead, the zombie apocalypse has ravaged the entire planet and the undead have infected everyone they can get their hands on or put their teeth on. Now it’s up to a small team of scientists, civilians, and soldiers to stop humans from becoming zombie food. The The day of the Dead is the third film in what was to be George Romero’s walking dead trilogy, after night of the living dead and Dawn of the Dead. The film is a harsh critique of the military-industrial complex, and 35 years later has been turned into a chilling TV series on Syfy.

1 night of the living dead

“Welcome to a night of total terror”, where the dead will not stay dead! In night of the living dead, the dead have returned to haunt and feast on the living and the living do their best to stay alive. It’s a classic battle of good versus evil, the living versus the dead. The first movie in a trilogy is often the best and that’s why night of the living dead claims the top spot on this list. A favorite among film critics and cinephiles, this horror classic remains one of George Romero’s most beloved masterpieces, even more than 50 years later.

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