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guardians of the galaxy director, James gunn, made a name for himself in Hollywood as a writer years before his superhero career, with many unrealized films he reportedly directed and wrote himself. James Gunn began his career as a screenwriter and associate director for the 1996 black comedy Tromeo and Juliet, slowly moving on to other horror comedies and superhero movies in bigger roles. In 2006, Gunn made his solo directorial debut for the sci-fi black horror comedy To glide, a cult film that combines many of its typical thematic interests.

As James Gunn progressed in the industry, he was associated with major projects with franchise films like the live-action. Scooby doo and its sequel as a writer. After a few box office bombs with superhero movies, James Gunn was given his biggest job yet in 2014: Director of the MCU’s guardians of the galaxy. The film took off far beyond the average Marvel setup, with a best-selling soundtrack, commercial success, and rave reviews for Gunn’s direction. Gunn returned to lead his sequel in 2017 and is getting ready for guardians of the galaxythird installation in 2023.

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While Gunn’s filmography is relatively small for his current cultural hold and notoriety, he had several films on his roster that he intended to create before his Marvel career fully took off. While some of the picks are sequels, remakes, or franchise additions, it’s sad that audiences probably can’t see what James Gunn could have done leading these films.

Scooby Doo 3

Scooby wears Shaggy in front of the rest of Mystery Inc in Scooby Doo Monsters Unleashed

After writing the screenplays for Scooby doo (2002) and its sequel Scooby-Doo 2: Unleashed Monsters (2004), James Gunn had already planned a plot and a staging for Scooby Doo 3. The original films were directed by family filmmaker Raja Gosnell while Freddie Prinze, Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar, Linda Cardinelli, and Matthew Lillard starred as the Mystery, Inc .. gang. Scooby doo franchise based on the classic animated series of the same name bombarded with reviews, but turned out to be successful hits that elevated Gunn’s career. Unfortunately, Scooby Doo 2 received even less success and revenue than its predecessor, which led the studio to cancel the project Scooby Doo 3.

Before Gunn got the news that Scooby Doo 3 would not go ahead in 2004, he came up with an elaborate plot for the film he would have both written and directed. From a thread by Gunn on Twitter, he imagined that the third film would involve Mystery, Inc. traveling to Scotland after locals complained of being terrorized by monsters. In a much more thoughtful plot, Scooby, Shaggy, and the gang would realize that the monsters were in fact the victims of the Scottish townspeople, having to put their own prejudices about the so-called monsters into perspective. James Gunn’s Scooby Doo 3 reportedly commented on many of the issues that plague the company that people find it difficult to resolve that would still be appropriate to feature if the film was released today.

Spy vs. Spy

James Gunn Guardians of the Galaxy

Another established franchise film that James Gunn got a touch of modern live action for, Spy vs. Spy received a full treatment script by Gunn in 1999. Spy vs. Spy is a classic wordless comic that involves two identical secret agents, one in white and one in black, having an ongoing feud where they set traps for each other while performing stereotypical spy activities. Before having major credits, Gunn wrote a screenplay with Jay Roach intended to direct and the idea for Nicholas Cage and Eddie Murphy to star. He presented the film in a 50-minute meeting with executives from Warner Bros., who ultimately passed the script on.

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James Gunn revealed the Twitter that his scenario was “scandalous”, Even including a moment where the two spies connect their brains to machines that transfer their minds into mechanical cats, spending a quarter of the film in their state outside the body. While Warner Bros. is dead Spy vs. Spy, the studio executives still decided to hire Gunn, placing him as a screenwriter for Scooby doo, which started his career. Gunn went on to explain that after his directorial debut, To glide, in 2006, he returned to his Spy vs. Spy script when Jay Roach approached him to try the film again. Unfortunately, by this time Ron Howard already had his own Spy vs. Spy adaptation under development, which is technically still in pre-production today and has never been carried out.

Creature from the black lagoon

Creature from the black lagoon

In a recent Instagram post by James Gunn, the director explained that at the start of his career, he launched the idea of ​​remaking Universal’s. Creature from the black lagoon. As one of the universal classic monsters, Creature from the black lagoon is a beloved 1950s horror monster film that spawned one of the most successful early horror film trilogies. The film follows a group of scientists who travel to South America to search for a mysterious, undiscovered animal, quickly discovering that the Gill-man creature poses a threat to their studies and their lives. Creature from the black lagoon never straddled the Universal Monster Crossovers in their heyday, so it never received the proper nostalgic revival treatment that many other beloved classic horrors have – a problem James Gunn apparently tried to solve.

Gunn revealed that after the success of his screenplay for Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake in 2004, he intended to continue his horror adaptations with a forgotten classic monster. He launched a screenplay for a new Creature from the black lagoon at Universal Studios in 2004, which they turned down because “they didn’t want me to do it. Universal recently began an overhaul of its old horror properties with new adaptations of Dracula by Chloe Zhao and the 2020s Invisible Man, so it’s always possible that they’ll ask Gunn for treatment in the future.


Gunn attempted to make another black comedy sci-fi film in 2007, writing a screenplay and intending to direct the film. Pets. Following To glide, Gunn started working on Pets, which would have resulted in the kidnapping of a man by a group of aliens who want to make him their own pet. The film went pretty far in the pre-production process for about two years with Ben Stiller attached as producer, but was unexpectedly canceled with Gunn’s release as director of the project in 2009. James Gunn has revealed in an interview with Variety he’s gone Pets due to creative differences after the producers, the studio, and himself had such different visions of the film that ultimately made it unsatisfying.

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It’s alive

True to his classic horror remake tendency, James Gunn would also have wanted to make his own adaptation of the 1974s. It’s alive. The original film, taking its name from a Frankenstein quote, follows a baby who turns out to be a mutant monster that goes on a rampage immediately after birth. Although it has received mixed reviews, It’s alive spawned two sequels and a 2009 remake that was so bad it had no reviews from critics and only a 6% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Based on an interview with Indiewire, It’s alive Director Larry Cohen revealed that James Gunn had approached him with the intention of a remake, but Cohen rejected him because he did not have enough money to buy the rights to the film. It’s unclear if James Gunn even produced a treatment for the script, but luckily he moved on to bigger and better images instead.

Silver Surfer

Post credit scene from Fantastic Four Rise Of The Silver Surfer

Before his famous superhero directing even began, James Gunn was approached by a Fox executive to write a story treat for Silver surfr. According to ComicBookMovie.com, that was right after Gunn moved to Los Angeles in 1999, so to get noticed, he wrote a lengthy screenplay involving the Silver Surfer comic book character spinning on Galactus, though there was no Fantastic Four in his film. The The Fantastic Four the 2005 and 2007 films were poorly received, although their modern superhero take and blockbuster status predated the craze and revolution that would begin with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Iron Man In 2008.

Gunn explained that Fox wanted to move forward with his script, but he had gained more momentum with his script to Spy vs. Spy and I wanted to focus on this project at the time. Neither movie was made, but one wonders what would have happened if James Gunn had become a Marvel figure in 1999 instead of 2014. Silver Surfer and Fantastic Four, although included in Marvel, have been largely excluded from the MCU, so while the franchise has said goodbye to many original Avengers, fans are wondering if the characters will make an appearance anytime soon, and hopefully in the direction of James gunnthe forgotten scenario.

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