Every Way Scream 2022’s killer is a perfect homage to Stu Macher

Although Matthew Lillard’s Stu won’t appear in the 2022 reboot of Scream, the sequel does update the killer character for a new generation.

Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS for Scream 2022 forward.

The killers of Screm 2022 are unrelated to the original film’s villain, Stu Macher, making it a perfect homage to Matthew Lillard’s iconic character. While many fans hoped the original Scream villain Stu Macher could return in Scream 2022, the film’s villains have proven to be a fitting continuation of the character’s legacy despite his absence. The two demented horror fans with a sick sense of humor and misjudged priorities, Scream The Killers of 2022 couldn’t have been more influenced by Stu if they tied into the original character.


Despite what some fans predicted, Matthew Lillard’s Stu Macher doesn’t appear in Scream 2022. Although the character of Stu is still canonically alive, he is actually the original ScreamBilly, the long-dead killer, makes a surprise appearance in Scream 2022 instead. While this shock knocked down the expectations of many, some were disappointed to see fan-favorite Lillard absent from the latest addition to the franchise.

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However, the killers of Scream 2022 was a perfect update for Stu, with the two playing the role Lillard played in the original film. While Lillard Scream was driven by an arrogant desire to be infamous and play an actual horror movie, his co-conspirator Billy Loomis had a more grounded and human motivation for his killing spree. On the other hand, both Scream 2022’s killers Richie and Amber had the same bonkers motivations (loving horror movies so much they were willing to kill to fix a derailed franchise), and their unhinged brilliance was reminiscent of the antics of Lillard’s iconic villain. However, there was more to Scream 2022’s homage to Stu Macher is more than just a re-enactment of his evil and dark deeds, as the film also brought the character’s motivations and attitudes to life.

Sam’s Billy Loomis Connection Reflects Original Scream

stu cry 6

Scream 2022’s new character, Sam, is introduced as the obvious villain since she has a concrete connection to Billy Loomis, one of the original killers (he’s her secret father). Likewise, a retrospective look at Scream The franchise timeline proves that Billy’s motivations in the original film stemmed from an incident that occurred before the franchise began: Maureen Prescott’s affair with her father. Thus, viewers are led to believe that Scream The killer of 2022 will be Sam who, like his father Billy, is haunted by a shameful secret from his parents’ past. In contrast, Richie and Amber’s motivations, killing to save a movie series, are much more like Stu’s motivations in Scream (wanting to experience an actual horror movie without any substantial justification).

It would have been easy to reveal that Amber and/or Richie were Stu’s secret children, but it was much more true for Stu’s character that the duo were simply deranged horror fans with no connection to anyone involved in the previous killings. The revelation that neither Amber nor Richie had a motive beyond wanting better Scream (or rather, Stab) The sequels were consciously awkward and looked like a rebuttal to the original movie’s insistence that at least one killer needed legitimate or serious motivation. Here, the two killers were the Stu of the duo – something reaffirmed by their actions throughout the reboot.

Richie and Amber reenacted Stu’s antics

Scream 2022 Amber and Richie

Richie rounding everyone up out of the house party was a recreation of Stu sending everyone packing in the climax of Scream, while Amber playing with Randy’s niece while collecting beer in the basement was a less bloody version of Tatum’s fatal encounter with Ghostface in Scream. Not only that, but in the opening scene, Tara is scolded for not remembering the second killer from the original. Stab—Stu Macher. The fact that the killers care more about the rankings of the slasher franchise’s sequels than the lives of their friends speaks to how well the seemingly affable personas of Richie and Amber recreate the charismatic, funny, and completely dead inner persona of Stu. However, there is a crucial update made by ScreamThe 2022 reboot.

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Scream Killers 2022 updated Stu’s motivations

scream 5 richi kirsch jack quaid

The premise that Amber and Richie are willing to kill for the sake of their favorite movie series updates the original Scream‘s comments on fandom culture and does so in a way that makes Cry 2Mickey looks more than a little underwritten in terms of his wacky designs. Where in the mid-90s Stu was the perfect parody of movie obsessives – more interested in who would play him in a movie than the reality of his actions and utterly out of touch with the real world – Amber and Richie are way too invested in their fandom. Scream 2022 avoided Blair Witch‘s mistakes in giving fans of the franchise what they were hoping for, but the reboot fell short when it came to wildly satirizing the titled fandoms as a whole. Where Stu cared so much, Amber and Richie cared so much about a bad horror movie they were ready to kill on it, turning around ScreamThe 1996 satire of grunge-era apathy in an overinvested and obsessive fandom culture.

The idea of ​​a killer ignoring murder as a meaningless joke hit hard in the mid-’90s when films by Gregg Araki and Larry Clarke defined the decade’s youth culture as flippant, indifferent and amoral. In contrast, Scream 2022’s meta message works because villains are far too invested in something as fleeting as a movie, not only putting their whole personality on a franchise’s fandom, but killing innocent people in an effort to hopefully inspire a future movie. While Amber and Richie can match Stu’s goofy charm and surprisingly cruel depths, the pair have a zeal of their own unique to the cultural environment of the early 2020s, just as Stu’s callous brutality was essentially of the 90s. Where the late 90s portrayed its moviegoers as indifferent and apathetic enough to laugh at a murder like Stu, displeased with Lillard, Scream 2022 rewrites those same fans as over-invested obsessives writing screeds about how their favorite franchise betrayed them and ready to take up arms to ensure the sanctity of their childhood memories is maintained.

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