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Amazon Prime Video launches the official trailer for I Know What You Did Last Summer, teasing everyone as a suspect in the horror thriller series.

Amazon Prime Video Launches Official Trailer For i know what you did last summer, tease everyone is a suspect in horror thriller series. Written and produced by Sara Goodman, the show is based on the 1973 novel of the same name by Lois Duncan, which was adapted for film in 1997 starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Ryan Phillippe. The story revolves around a group of friends who accidentally kill someone in a car accident and cover up their actions, only to be harassed a year later by a brutal killer.

New i know what you did last summer the cast includes Annabelle comes homeby Madison Iseman, Brianne Tju, Ezekiel Goodman, Ashley Moore, Sebastian Amoruso, Fiona Rene, Cassie Beck, Brooke Bloom and Bill Heck. Development for the series began in mid-2019 when Amazon acquired the franchise rights for a television series with Neil H. Moritz and James Wan attached to executive products and the latter initially attached to directing the pilot. Officially commissioned in series in 2020, Craig Macneill would take over as pilot director while Wan would remain as an EP through his label Atomic Monster Productions and Moritz through his Original Film banner.

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With less than a month before the series premiere, Amazon Prime Video unveiled the official trailer for i know what you did last summer. The video offers a better look at what to expect from the modern version of the hardware and hints that everyone is suspicious and potentially two killers. Check out the trailer below:

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While not as often discussed as Wes Craven’s seminal slasher, the original i know what you did last summer is still widely credited for revitalizing the horror subgenre in the ’90s. The latest trailer in the series certainly carries more of the vibe of MTV Scream than the movie, but it feels like a nice extension of the 1997 film, especially in its double characters. Although the original film saw his group of friends go their separate ways after the accident despite knowing everything about each other, the series offers a more complex web of lies within the group, which will certainly add some drama to the mixed.

New i know what you did last summer the trailer also offers an intriguing clue to the possibility that two killers were involved in the murders. Original screenwriter Kevin Williamson explored this trope several times throughout his tenure in the horror genre, but it’s interesting to note that it wasn’t until the 1998 sequel – of which he didn’t. did not write – that this twist was used for the franchise. Only time will tell if the Amazon series pulls a similar carpet under viewers when it premieres on October 15.

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