Everyone Says The Same Thing About Infamous Halloween Horror Villain’s Horrible Tattoo Fan Ink

THIS tattoo of Halloween horror villain Mike Myers is the stuff of nightmares and everyone is saying the same thing.

The fictional serial killer from the popular slasher film franchise first appeared on the big screen in 1978, created by John Carpenter and has been terrifying audiences ever since.


This Mike Myers tattoo is the stuff of nightmaresCredit: Reddit

Halloween movies have grossed over $773m (£618m) at the box office, according to Box Office Mojo, becoming hugely popular with legions of dedicated fans.

Few people could be as dedicated as the fan who got a tribute to Myers tattooed on his leg.

The tattoo shows the infamous character dressed in his trademark jumpsuit and mask and appears to be holding a giant lollipop in his right hand.

Commenters on a Reddit thread all said the same thing about it – that it gets worse with age and the more you watch it, the worse it gets.

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One commenter summed up the overall sentiment by writing, “Lmao this is so awful it’s hilarious.”

Another added: “It’s just like, I don’t think people know what good art is. Until they see it. And that’s definitely not it lmao.

A third added: ‘It just keeps getting worse the more I watch.

Others focused on parts of the bad inking, picking up on the weirdly small feet and left hand stance.

One person wrote: “Look at those weird little feet! Oh Lord! They look like toddler feet! »

A second posted: “This hand… it hurts my brain.”

While a third said: ‘I didn’t even notice his scary teeth. I zoomed in on her off-putting finger placement and her odd little feet that partially float, depending on their shadow. I think.”

Earlier this month, a woman revealed that when she wanted a tattoo of a cute bunny, she ended up with something that looked like it was done with a sharpie.

Jiselle, from Orange County, California, took advantage of a cheap tattoo offer and decided to get one with two of her friends.

She chose a cute bunny from a flash sheet the artist had already designed, so she thought she knew exactly what it would look like.

But it turned out much worse than she thought possible, and the cute bunny looked “like he was on crack,” according to Jiselle.

In another tattoo gone horribly wrong, a woman revealed that she had hoped for a cute moon illustration, but ended up with something that looked like an ugly vegetable.

TikTok user @kellywestwater shared a comparison between what she asked for and the unrecognizable result.

She joked with friends in the comments section, “Tattoo artist is like…I see your moon picture and raise you a giant moldy banana.”

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One TikTok user said “is that a banana”, to which Kelly replied, “it wasn’t meant to be! some people think banana, some people think it looks like a pickle, anyway, it was supposed to be a moon!”

Another user simply said “oh” and Kelly explained that “the roses on my arm were a camouflage tattoo for this monstrosity”.

The tattoo looked cute and simple on the flash sheet, the artist showed hope for the tattoo


The tattoo looked cute and simple on the flash sheet, the artist showed hope for the tattooCredit: TikTok/@vaniyabean
The finished ink looked so bad compared to the stencil


The finished ink looked so bad compared to the stencilCredit: TikTok/@vaniyabean

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