Exclusive Photos + Quotes from the Set of Milford’s New Horror Movie

In August (2022), we shared with you that a horror movie was filming in the local area called “Candlewood”. Filming is now complete and we have the opportunity to recap everything we learned and saw.

Below, you’ll see footage from the set of the film.

We spoke to the filmmakers again on Tuesday (1/11/22) and asked them to complete filming, we heard from director Myke “Foo” Furhman and writer/executive producer Victoria Flores-Argue. . Listen below

Exclusive photos, videos and interviews from the set of Milford’s new horror film

“Candlewood” is a horror movie that just wrapped filming in New Milford, CT. Here’s how the filmmakers described the project on their Indiegogo:

“Candlewood is the first of three films in the psychological/horror feature film franchise. A blended family moves from the city to a small town in Connecticut, where a local urban legend adds chaos and terror to an already Fragile. The loyal patriarch, who desperately wants his family to see him not as a failure but as the father who did it all so he could keep his family together through tough times. Candlewood follows a family leaving New York for a more lifeful life. single in the country town of New Milford, Ct. The haunting and mysterious true stories of hikers who disappeared near a popular state park, Lover’s Leap, coupled with the city of Jerusalem at the bottom of Candlewood Lake, give credibility to our narrative. We bring to life the struggle of good versus evil and what happens when old and outdated traditions are challenged.”

A while ago I got in touch with the people behind the film, invited them to the I-95 Morning Show with Ethan, Lou and Dave and talked about the film and the shooting in New Milford. We spoke with director Myke Furhman and writer/executive producer Victoria Flores-Argue. During that chat, I asked to be in the movie, telling the duo that I had some experience in TV shows that never aired on TV. Against all expectations, they invited me to participate and I visited the set on October 20 to shoot a scene that is important. I was extremely nervous and had no idea what to expect. Below are some insider moments from my day on set and others.

I even shot a short film myself as I drove down the 44 mile driveway to filming.

Listen, I’ve shared my experiences with a few of the people associated with the film, but there are many more cast and crew that I haven’t had any interactions with that need to be mentioned. The film also features: Joel Bryant – I saw him briefly, he said hello and he is handsome.

Seen in LA Macabre, Welcome to Sanditon, Criminal Minds. Lisann Valentine – I saw her briefly, she smiled at me, she is beautiful.

Seen on The Blacklist, New Amsterdam, Blue Bloods, Jessica Jones & Narcos.

  • Caroline McCormick
  • Ibanez Coulter
  • Armen Garo
  • Isabelle Lysiak
  • Lisa Hind
  • Jeanine Flynn
  • Jessica Altchiler

Below you can see the crew setting up a drone shot.

I asked Victoria what’s next for fans now that filming has wrapped, and when we got to see it in theaters, here’s what she had to say:

“The release will most likely be around this time next year, with the aim of a theatrical release. We’ll be having a Bank Street premiere party right after the release, as we’ll probably be under contract, so we’ll have to wait for that It will be awesome with an after party If people want to come they can always get tickets on our indiegogo country.”

Teaser Candlewood of american media, inc. on Vimeo.

Something like this is fantastic for New Milford, this kind of thing can raise people’s pride and spirit for their hometown. It’s already a place to be proud of, which only adds to New Milford’s reputation and charm.

PS My career in broadcasting has opened so many doors it would otherwise have been closed to my face. I could say “I’m lucky” but luck has nothing to do with it. It’s the hard work, charisma, sex dance moves and foot-only karate that keep the doors open for me.

Below is a copy of our first interview with the filmmakers from September 2022.

Tik-Tok entrance with different colors and sounds.

@loumilano79 I got to visit the Candlewood set and I haven’t been myself since. #candle #fyp #foryourpage @Myke ✊🏼🏳️‍🌈✊🏿 ♬ Gothic Haunting – Music Beyond

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