Favorite Bruce Willis Movies (Including His Best Horror)


Bruce Willis is an iconic movie star, but in a 2007 Q&A, the John McClane actor revealed which movies he loves the most, including his favorite horror movie.

Bruce willis is an iconic movie star, but in a 2007 Q&A, the actor revealed which movies he loves the most, including his favorite horror movie. Willis has been on Hollywood’s A-List for decades, though his plans aren’t as high profile as they once were. Still, his fan base is still clearly there and will likely stay with him for as long as he wants to keep playing. Willis is best known for his action career, most notably playing the heroic John McClane in the Die hard franchise.

Wills first gained notoriety as the co-director of the hit television comedy-drama Moonlight, which is worth remembering, as it shows that he has done well outside of the realm of action as well. He starred in hit comedies like Look who’s talking, scary horror movies like The sixth sense, sci-fi minds like 12 monkeys, and pretty much everything else. Like many people who end up working in film, Willis appreciates movies that he isn’t and has his favorites like everyone else.

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Movies are perhaps the most universally popular art form in history, with just about everyone loving one type of movie or another, and M. Night’s favorite superhero Shyamalan does. is no different. During a question-and-answer session with readers in 2007 with Ain’t that cool, Willis has revealed which movies he ranks at the top of his personal list.

According to Willis, the following films are favorites that he watches at least three to five times a year. The actor initially indicated to his audience that he would offer five or six choices, but as usual, John McClane went the extra mile and delivered much more than that. To Willis’ credit, most of his favorite movies are all-time classics and critical darlings, including Stanley Kubrick. Dr Strangelove, The Godfather and the godfather part 2, Spartacus, The Bridge over the River Kwai, Bullitt, The great Escape, At the water’s edge, The last picture show, and Patton.

Bruce willis also has a lot of love for director Martin Scorsese, citing Taxi driver, Goodfellas, and Angry bull among his favorite films. Willis also likes Quentin Tarantino’s Tank dogs, and would continue to work with Tarantino on pulp Fiction. As for Willis’ favorite horror film, he chose the 1979 Ridley Scott classic. Extraterrestrial, which some would consider to be the greatest blend of horror and sci-fi ever. Looking back, it’s a little sad that Willis never appeared in a Extraterrestrial sequel alongside Sigourney Weaver, as he probably could’ve fitted in perfectly. Last but not least, Willis said he loved Zack Snyder 300, which was a recent release at the time of the question-and-answer session.

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