Feature: 4 horror comedies to watch for the Halloween season!



Feature: 4 horror comedies to watch for the Halloween season!

1. Jennifer’s body: This movie will bring back memories of your high school enemy. Written by Diablo Cody, Jennifer’s body is one of his masterpieces with Juno. The film is directed by Karyn Kusama, starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried, making a powerful female-led film. The film was released in 2009, but quite recently it has been recognized for its genius.

When the film first came out, there was heavy criticism as it was a film that men would drool over. While there is sex appeal, there is also a discussion of the insecurities teenage girls face, sex, and the issue of sexuality. There is no man to save the day, just a geeky girl named Needy, who has been in her best friend’s shadow for too long.

Oh! And did I mention that this movie completely challenges the “stupid hot girl” horror trope? In Jennifer’s Body, the sexy girl becomes the horrible monster that terrorizes the city!

The school’s most beloved girl, Jennifer Check, is gorgeous, athletic, and confident. What’s his secret? Eat men!

At a party, Jennifer and Needy go to a dive bar to see a band perform, and then a horrific fire breaks out. Jennifer and Needy escape the fire with the group. In shock, Jennifer leaves with the group, while Needy returns home. Since Jennifer left the group, she acts differently – she’s hungry for man meat! Jennifer uses sex to lure her targets for an attack. Needy must find a way to put an end to Jennifer.

This horror comedy uses witty, wicked teenage humor that will have you laughing while being scared of Jennifer’s next move.

2. The Corpse Bride: The film’s color scheme of gray, green, blue and black will set the tone for the fall nights to come. Corpse Bride, directed by Tim Burton and Mike Johnson, portrays Jewish folklore through stunning stop-motion animation. The story of a bride murdered on her wedding day who comes to life by mistake is sometimes told musically by eccentric characters.

The main character Victor is ridden by his parents for an arranged marriage, he instantly falls in love with his future bride. Overwhelmed by his nerves, Victor leaves for the woods to practice his vows. Victor, training to perfection, slips the wedding ring on a tree branch which happens to be the ring finger of a corpse!

This corpse, Emily, comes to life and is stunned for being Victor’s wife. Now Victor must find a way to get rid of his deceased wife in order to marry his living fiancée. Corpse Bride is a movie to watch on a particularly cold October night. A spooky and quirky love story!

3. Shout: Scream is the perfect horror movie for people who don’t like horror (if you’re in the mood for gore, you might have to look away a few times). This slasher horror was directed by Wes Craven who also directed A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Contrasting Freddy and Elm streets, Scream is meant to be a black comedy. Craven exaggerated the horror tropes to poke fun at the horror franchise. His efforts were somewhat overlooked by his talent as a horror director, which makes the film both hilarious and creepy.

Scream is based in the outskirts of California, a small town on the rocks when a killer disguised as a ghost launches a killing spree. The masked killer specifically targets a girl, Sidney Prescott, a year after her mother died.

The killer mocks Sidney and others with cryptic phone calls. The killer goes after the girl and her friends, taking out the actors one by one. As the murders occur, a reporter and a cop investigate with a hunch that this is the same killer who murdered Sidney’s mother. Scream is a great movie to watch if you want horror, but also if you need some comedic relief.

4. House of Monsters: It’s almost two days before Halloween and in this neighborhood there is more to fear than the bogeyman. Monster house is an animated film where three teenagers are convinced that their recently deceased neighbor is haunting them and determined to prove it. Horace Nebbercracker, a cranky old man, who lives opposite the main character, the DJ, verbally or physically attacks anyone who sets foot on the lawn.

One day, while DJ and his friend Chowder are playing basketball, the ball rolls across Nebbercracker’s lawn. DJ tries to prove his maturity by collecting the ball. Nebberracker comes out and berates DJ, in the old man’s anger he falls and has to be taken in an ambulance. Since then, strange cases have happened to DJ, he thinks the house opposite will have answers. This movie will take you back to your childhood of running around the neighborhood, while playing into the spooky imagination of your most hated neighbor!

If you live in a place like LA, or a place where there aren’t many falling leaves, Monster house will give you the beautiful feeling of autumn thanks to its magnificent animation! The writers who made Monster house, Rob Schrab and Dan Harmon, have also worked on acclaimed TV shows like Community, Rick and morty, and Solar opposites! Monster house uses silly childish humor while sneaking into complex adult jokes.



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