Freetown Filmmaker’s new film ‘Black Friday’ hits theaters on upcoming M


Invite Emmy-winning director and filmmaker Casey Tebo from Freetown for Thanksgiving dinner. He would entertain everyone around the table under his flirtatious charm.

He is also a brilliant thread spinner who is about to present his latest directorial feature. Black friday in approximately 100 theaters on Friday November 19 and on Comcast OnDemand on November 23.

“When you’re a filmmaker, your role is to tell stories. Where you grew up and the things you witnessed back then all help define who you are as a filmmaker,” Tebo said.

He grew up in Freetown with WBSM lunchtime host Chris McCarthy.

“Chris is more like a brother. I remember Chris once challenged me to hit a huge hornet’s nest with a stick, and I did!” he said. “We spent our childhood hunting frogs and hitting beehives with sticks.”

Tebo has kept this joie de vivre and translates it into his films.

Written by Andy Greskoviak, Tebo found his screenplay for Black friday And asked, “How could nobody not make a movie of it yet?” He said he read two to three scripts every week, “And when I read Andy’s script, I became ‘the holy cow’! ‘”

The story is about a fairly diverse group of people working at the We Love Toys store on the worst day for retail workers, Black Friday. They could never have predicted that mad shoppers would turn into hideous, cutthroat monsters.

The film stars cult film legend Bruce Campbell and Devon Sawa. “Yeah, I got really lucky with this cast,” Tebo said.

What makes a movie good? “He has to look genuine throughout,” Tebo said. “I have a very dear friend who made the movie Whitey Bulger Black Mass, and I just don’t think a guy from Kansas City can capture Southie and the fact that everyone around is a character. So I think there is an authentic portrayal that is essential in cinema. “

Tebo would like to see Black friday become a cult classic, to add to the list of movies you’ve watched on vacation for years.

“You’re going to love it being over the top, and I hope your family will watch it on Thanksgiving and make it a tradition year after year,” he said.

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