Good Afternoon, News: End of Rent Assistance, Big Loss for Gerrymandering GOP, and Wait… Who Picks the Lights on the Morrison Bridge? – Blogville

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“Who chooses the Morrison bridge lights? Why, that would be YOU. MULTNOMAH COUNTY

GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND! It’s a beautiful day, but will tomorrow be as impressive? The weather people say, “EHHHHHH… not so much.” In other words, expect showers and a high of 47. Alright… let’s do some headlines.



• The state is close to disbursing all of its available funds provided by the federal and state governments, and as a result, the Oregon Department of Housing and Community Services has announced that it will be closing the application portal. emergency rent assistance FOR GOOD next week March 14th. So if you still need help with rent, APPLY NOW. Our Alex Zielinski has more on the story.

• Although it may have looked like a wet, rainy winter, it wasn’t enough to alleviate Oregon’s drought, and today Governor Kate Brown declared a state of emergency for the county of Drought-stricken Klamath in the south of the state.

• A federal judge has thrown out Oregon’s ban on “love letters” – those jaw-dropping missives sent to homeowners by potential buyers. The ban was put into effect because the state found them discriminatory and unfair, while the judge said, “Yeah, okay…but can you maybe punish discrimination without violating the freedom expression?” (That was my paraphrase…but I bet even his honor would say it was pretty accurate.)

• I love this question posed by OPB: “Who decides the color of the lights on the Morrison Bridge in Portland? Who indeed? Why, in the end, YOU IN EFFECT.

• A “meets-cute” horror/thriller film set in Portland, featuring this Marvel guy and this lady from normal people? YES, PLEASE, THANK YOU! Plus, there are all kinds of twists in the new Hulu movie Costs. Check out Chase Hutchinson’s review!

• Land o’Goshen, there’s SO much good stuff in our annual SPRING ARTS GUIDE, whether you’re a fan of film, visual art, reading or…if you’re like me…drag queens! Miss it at your intellectual peril!


• Ukrainian citizens are increasingly caught up in Russia’s attacks on the country, putting further pressure on the Biden administration and NATO to take tougher action. Meanwhile, the explosions heard in Kiev are being explained by Ukrainian officials as two Russian fighter jets blasted out of the sky, though that report has yet to be substantiated. And as talks continue between Ukraine and Russia, Putin’s ideas will likely only kill more Ukrainians.

• A victory for Democrats and supporters of fair elections: The Supreme Court allowed the Congressional maps decided by two lower courts to stand, temporarily preventing Republicans in North Carolina and Pennsylvania from gerrymandering the crap of the districts of their States. Obviously, the fight is still far from over.

• In less pleasant news from the high court: “The Supreme Court will not review the decision that freed Bill Cosby.

• US gasoline prices continue to rise (to well over $4 a gallon) as Washington, DC considers banning Russian oil. The good news? Those anti-vax dingbat truckers who continually drive around the nation’s capital are literally going to pay for their stupidity.

• You are thirsty ? So get ready for fun washed down with Mercury‘S HIGHBALL—a week of special cocktails prepared by the best bartenders in town…and for only $6 each! Coming March 14!

• And finally… great. Here’s ANOTHER thing a dog can do better than me. 🙁

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