High Praise for Brad Twigg’s ‘Shreikshow’ (2022) – Film Review

I’ve been enjoying Brad Twigg movies for a few years now. Honestly, he’s one of my favorite low budget horror directors with movies like death board (2020 – our opinion), Incorporated Sulfur (2021 – our report), the fear frames frankness (our reviews here and here), killer camp (2017 – our review). When I heard of Howling show, I was pretty excited since Twigg was involved. After watching the movie, I can honestly say this is definitely Brad’s best movie to date.

Being a fan of Twigg’s work for so long, it’s fun to watch him evolve and improve with each film he directs. I see a maturity in Howling show. Don’t get me wrong, the trashy aesthetic is still present, but I think the filmmaker really upped his game in this movie.


Four friends travel to a supposedly haunted abandoned circus on Halloween and meet a ringmaster who puts on a side exhibit that tells them three terrifying stories.

Howling show was directed by Brad Twigg, written by Todd Martin (death board), Chris O’Brocki (wrestlemassacre), and Douglas Snauffer (diabolical fables) and stars Felissa Rose (overnight camp – our retro magazineVictor Crowley – our opinion), Tuesday Knight (A Nightmare on Elm Street IV: Dream Master, The Amityville Moon), Lyon Beckwith (Priest), Julie Anne Prescott (Teacher shortage – our opinion), Beverly Randolph (house of death), Rebecca Rinehart (The embalmer – our review), Scott Swope (Necropolis) and Diana Noris (I kill demons).

Howling show is simple but effective. All three stories are fun, but I especially liked the second story. It was fun to see one of my fellow PopHorror writers, Rebecca Rinehart, put on a great performance. It’s not just Rinehart who does a great job; the entire cast puts in strong performances, including horror icon Felissa Rose. The murder scenes are well done. There is no weakness in the film. The FX team did a great job and should be proud of their work.

I have to thank Rocky Gray (our interview) and Mike Trebilcock for the soundtrack. You did a phenomenal job! The music adapts perfectly to each scene and the sound is incredible.

Brad Twigg’s directing is so good in Howling show. The sound is incredible, the pace of the film is never slow or boring. Although the film is nearly two hours long, it never feels like a chore to watch. It’s entertaining from start to finish. I look forward to even more future projects from Brad Twigg. I can’t wait to see him get better and better. Howling show, in my opinion, is his best film, without a doubt. If you’ve never seen a Brad Twigg movie, then there’s no better movie to start with than Howling show.

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